RogersTV – OHL Hockey Application

Rogers TV required a comprehensive and intuitive client/server application to drive on air graphics for their coverage of the 2009 OHL Hockey season. The Ross Xpression Studio SCE platform and Bannister Lake OHL Hockey application ensures on air graphic and branding consistency for every Rogers TV OHL telecast.

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  • The Hockey Client interface controls the Hockey Server residing on Xpression Studio.
  • Group One provides the operator with forms and presets to display Pregame, Lineups, Name and Player Keys information.
  • Scorebug group has individual applications to control the ScoreBug, Special Teams and Shootout information.
  • Forms are provided for Out of Town Scores, Game Story, Scoring Summary, Statistics, Post Game. Playoff Tree and Credits.
  • Utilities are provided with internet connection to update the local database of Players, Goalie and League statistics anytime during the game.
  • Built in League Editor allows support for other Hockey Leagues.
  • Hockey Client can run locally on Xpression Studio or remote PC as a backup client.
  • Native HD 1080i Xpression project file is down converted internally in real time by Xpression providing NTSC 4:3 output.
  • Solution is currently deployed on 21 RossVideo Xpression Studio SCE systems.

Rogers Media Television – BL Brando

Rogers Media required an intuitive and scalable HD on air branding solution for their broadcast properties across Canada. Bannister Lake Brando provided Rogers staff at Lakeshore in Toronto with the ability to schedule lower-thirds, next ups, bugs, bumpers, voice overs and ticker for hubs in Toronto and Calgary with initial support for 18 Brando Players/channels.

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  • High quality HD broadcast output with infinite graphic layers using RossVideo Xpression BlueBox with tight integration with XPression scenes.
  • Supports Bugs, Tickers, Bumpers, Next Ups, Voice Overs, Lower 3rds and Program embedded promos.
  • Multi-channel support all in one user interface with a flexible and secure web interface for content management and scheduling.
  • Master Control player status and graphics override with scene preview from Brando Switcher module.
  • Deploy graphics to Brando Players simply using Xpression Project Server and Brando Gears.
  • Streamlined work flow from graphic design to content scheduling and last minute boards or tickers.
  • Flexible scene tags provide a way to create templates with program information, temperature, time, captions and sponsor clips.

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment BL ScoreBug and RossVideo XPression

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment BL ScoreBug and RossVideo XPression BlueBox

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment required an automated HD/SD ScoreBug solution to drive their in-house broadcast of Hockey, Basketball and Lacrosse games at the Air Canada Centre. Bannister Lake delivered Scorebug with AutoPilot running on RossVideo XPression BlueBox SCE to display scoring and time for their sports broadcasts.

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  • ScoreBug Hockey, Basketball and Lacrosse applications run on the RossVideo XPression BlueBox SCE.
  • ScoreBug AutoPilot connects to the OES scoreboard controller for automatic control of game scores and time.
  • GPO from M/E on production switcher takes the ScoreBug off during replays.
  • In house video content keyed with ScoreBug output for final presentation.

HSBC A5N – BL ScoreBug Lite

Alpha Sports required a compact and portable HD/SD Rugby ScoreBug solution for their coverage of the 2011 Asian 5 Nation Rugby tournament. Bannister Lake delivered Rugby Scorebug running on RossVideo Xpression Studio offline to manage and display all in-show graphics for the HSBC A5N tournament.

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  • RossVideo Xpression Studio and Rugby ScoreBug run on standard laptop with dedicated Nvidia graphics card.
  • DVI-D and analog audio from laptop connects to Matrox Convert DVI.
  • Matrox Convert DVI outputs HDSDI, HD to SD down convert or SDI with embedded audio to switcher.
  • No additional CG is required. Rugby Scorebug also provides boards for Lineups/Reserves, Rosters, Standings, Name Keys, Intro/Weights and Substitutions.

CTV News Channel

CTV Bannister


Super Ticker and Brando Provide Workflow + Data Solution at CTV News Channel

CAMBRIDGE, ON – 07-27-2017 – CTV recently launched a new national look for CTV News Channel, the Canadian company’s 24 hour station, completing phase one of a two phase reconfiguration of data workflow for the popular Canadian broadcast news network. Successfully utilizing two components of Bannister Lake’s Chameleon platform, Super Ticker and Brando.

Super Ticker and Brando were created for data publishing and for scalable multi-channel branding for media companies that depend upon  a heavy flow of real-time information.  “The next phase is to add sponsorship support”, adds George Hentsch, “That will be taken care of by Brando and we will be delivering CTV sponsorship capability in the next few weeks.”

CTV News Channel is a leading broadcast news service in Canada. Owned by Bell Media, the giant  programming network purchased Super Ticker and Brando Enterprise in 2013.   News Channel is a new installation of their existing enterprise license.

CTV News Channel celebrates 20 years on the air this September.


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About Bannister Lake Inc.

Bannister Lake is a leading provider of professional video graphic display solutions for broadcast television, cable, satellite, audio/visual and information presentation applications worldwide. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure while automating the integration and display of external data sources, improving the productivity of your organization.

Ross’ XPression Brand-it and Tick-it Launch at News 12


Ross Video’s XPression Brand-it and Tick-it Launch at News 12 in New York

CAMBRIDGE, ON 07-10-2017 – Bannister Lake and Ross Video continue to provide current news and weather media companies with the latest in branding and ticker workflow systems.  Adding to that extensive list is the recent purchase of Ross’ XPression Brand-it and Tick-it by Altice USA’s News 12 Traffic and Weather suite of channels in the New York Metropolitan Area. Final training and orientation was completed last month.

“We provided a data, branding and ticker solution for News 12’s five weather and traffic stations that service the tri-state area,” stated Georg Hentsch, president of Bannister Lake. “News 12 wanted an automated solution to display up-to-the minute weather conditions along with public transit status, local traffic conditions, drive times and weather alerts.”

“Ross Video and the XPression team are proud to partner with News 12 to provide unique news and information for ticker, time/temperature bugs and sponsor integration on each of their unique regional channels in the largest television market in the USA, ” states Patrick Twomey, director of marketing, product management and business development – XPression for Ross Video.

 XPression Brand-it is an automated, multi-channel, collaborative branding workflow server, designed to simplify complex channel branding requirements. All access to Brand-it is browser based, allowing anyone connected to a local or wide-area network to enter or schedule content from any location. Essentially, Brand-it is a workflow server that operates as a “plug and play” model, making it easier for station employees with appropriate access to quickly and easily develop their brand through scalable channel modules.

To test drive Brand-it or Tick-it call our sales staff to arrange a meeting with a  representative at Ross or Bannister Lake:



About Ross Video

Passionate about live production, Ross Video designs, manufactures and delivers dependable technology and services that power exceptional live video productions seen by billions of viewers around the world every day. Ross Video’s goal is to make it easy for customers to create compelling news, weather and sports broadcasts, engaging material for sports stadium screens, legislative assemblies, entertainment shows and rock concerts, and inspiring content for houses of worship.

Relentlessly innovating, Ross Video delivers the world’s widest range of products and services for augmented reality and virtual sets, mobile live-event solutions, real-time motion graphics, robotic camera systems, social-media management, production switchers, routers, infrastructure products, video servers, newsroom systems, terminal equipment and more.

Ross products and services are designed to offer best-in-class system integration and unmatched customer choice by both working together seamlessly and integrating tightly with third-party solutions.

Ross Video has offices around the world, and provides free-for-life telephone support staffed by technical experts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year—even for products bought on eBay. Recognizing the time-critical nature of the broadcast industry, all Ross employees are empowered to provide “whatever it takes” customer service, even down to renting helicopters when necessary to deliver needed parts and service.


About Bannister Lake Inc.

Bannister Lake is a leading provider of professional video graphic display solutions for broadcast television, cable, satellite, audio/visual and information presentation applications worldwide. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure while automating the integration and display of external data sources, improving the productivity of your organization. Visit us online at

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Query With Pete Shields

Pete Shields is the Executive Producer of News 12 in New York.

With 5 stations the company looks to Pete and his team to quickly process data on a daily basis for over 3 million subscribers.

News 12 Traffic and Weather Channels  regional hyper-local television channels owned and operated by News 12 Networks (Altice USA), the first, largest and most watched regional news provider in the US.  They recently updated their 5 traffic and weather stations using Ross Xpression, powered by Bannister Lake’s OEM product Brand-it and Tick-it, a network branding and automated news ticker solution.

Bannister Lake sat down with News 12’s Pete Shields to talk about Brand-it and Tick-it.

Bannister Lake

Good afternoon. How are things going?  I know News 12 launched your new look early last week, and I wanted to get your take on Brand-it and Tick-it?

Pete Shields

So far our experience has been excellent. Honestly our working relationship with Bannister Lake so far has been unparalleled. The customer service has been awesome. Al and Georg have been incredibly receptive regarding any changes that we were requesting.  We had a joke here at the office; we actually asked for something and the next morning the new software version was waiting for us.


That’s good. When you are dealing with a larger company sometimes you kind of get lost in the shuffle.


It’s been an absolutely incredible service experience. I highly recommend them to anybody who is looking for a ticker solution.


Good to know. Can I ask, how you are using the service?


What we’ve done is created an info bar for our five regional traffic and weather channels. So we are using it to update automated traffic and weather data/information 24/7.  We are actually doing it through a mix of graphics.  We also have animated sponsorship logos so the entire thing works interactively to pull in the right information and get the playlists the way we want. The most important factor was to not bury people in certain topics but to allow them to move freely between different pieces of editorial content and have it all work well with the sponsorship opportunities.


Can I call you in a few months for more information regarding how your sponsorship platform works?


Absolutely. The two reasons we were able to sell this service to our management was, first, that it replaced a couple of services that were at end of life which was going to be equal in cost Brand-it and Tick-it so purchasing this with the added flexibility fit our budget. Second, Brand-it and Tick-it’s animation capabilities.  We were working with still graphics only and wanted to overhaul the look, add content, and ever so importantly, add value to sponsorship opportunities.  So to answer your question, we’ve only begun with the new sponsorship opportunity because we just launched but our sales team is optimistic and excited by what we are now able to do.


Of course. You need time.


It’s difficult to track right now with the sponsorship but we feel we are starting in a good place after what we spent to replace the equipment that, quite simply, wasn’t as flexible.


And Tick-it and Brand-it are ever evolving platforms. The software is constantly being developed. You’ll get updates from Ross and Bannister Lake, with additional features to show you how to monetize.


Yeah we had talked about that. That was one of the things that I was getting at too is that we also suggested a number of features. An incredible number of features over the last 3 months. The Bannister Lake team was so responsive each time we requested a feature, new versions of the software was available to us so quickly, performing exactly the way we wanted those new features to act.


With assistance from clients such as yourself, that’s how we can improve on our products. Every package has to suit a particular style of production.


I have other vendors. We ask for feature upgrades and we are on a list and we may or may not make it to the next release. With Bannister Lake we weren’t even waiting for a release. It was the next morning! It was like alright – load it up!


We like to be responsive. Historically, the company operates as a hybrid – responsively tech based but also service based. We’ll get in touch in 6 months to see how it’s evolving. Best of luck.


Great. You too.

Elector Used by Global TV for 2 Thrill-a-Minute Elections in May

May has been an exciting month for us here at Bannister Lake. Our election software, Elector, was used by Global TV for two incredibly dramatic and historic elections. On May 9th, we had the British Columbia General Election which produced a thrill-a-minute result where 2 major parties and a minor party were able to produce an unlikely minority government. Throughout the evening, we kept flipping between the Liberals and NDP gaining a majority and a minority lead in both directions. That with the Greens only contesting in 3 ridings. How was that possible? When I finally packed it in around 2am ET, there was a tie between the Liberals and NDP. By morning while Elector kept chugging along, the Liberals took it by a minority.

Next up, the May 30th Nova Scotia General Election with the polls looking like the Conservatives might spoil the Liberal’s hopes for another majority win. Early results had the Conservatives leading the way but after an hour of results, the Liberals took an edge. From there on, we were in another flipping mood where we were seeing Liberal minority move to Liberal majority and back. When I packed it in around midnight ET, it was a Liberal minority lead. I woke up in the morning while Elector was cranking away to a narrow Liberal majority win.

Elector started out with an emphasis on generating all the graphics for a standard election broadcast. But over time, it has become an editorial tool helping talent make sense of the election, mathematicians make calls, producers show the ridings graphics that matter at any particular time, augmented reality show information and graphics, news department show breaking news and websites provide the most up-to-date data.

Our web interface to Elector, Flow, is what pulls it all together. At any particular time, we may have large numbers of users using the data in different ways. And with Flow’s user classes, each type of user sees things tuned to their needs and editing privileges. Flow lets us compile the details about ridings, candidates and parties. It also has support for historical elections giving the users a way to see past election data to provide a historical perspective.

Elector has a collection of tools that work together to generate valuable insights into the real-time election results. It starts with as much of the results from the previous election as is available. From there we add information about current candidates indicating which ones are candidates of interest for reasons such as being a star candidate, a subject of a media scandal or an independent with a chance, etc. Predictions for the results in each riding are also added on a party basis. As the results start to come in, Elector goes to work to help mine the entire collection of past, present and predictions for interesting results. While users are reviewing the individual riding results in the Results Summary page the Interesting Agent is busy identifying interesting events such as an incumbent losing, close races and a party taking the lead in a riding they were not expected to win. As these events are identified they are presented to users of Elector via quick popups that identify the interesting events for the riding. As the results accumulate, Elector highlights each riding which may be ready to declare a candidate elected. An analyst can quickly popup the detailed riding results allowing them to make the final call and elect the candidate right there on the summary results page.

I’m always thrilled when I see our users utilizing our software. For example, David Akin, Global TV’s Chief Political Correspondent posted screenshots of Flow on twitter throughout the evening. He was using the screenshots to describe some of the riding results.

Elections are a hectic and scary event for all news departments. It often requires a small army to pull it off. Elector, which got its start from a New Brunswick election in 2006, has come a long way. Not only does it include all the editorial, watchlists and number crunching tools in Flow but it has a rehearsal tool providing a way for teams to test different scenarios pre-election, a RESTful api making the data available to other sources like websites and virtual devices and data parsers which are tuned for the quickest and most accurate results.

Special thanks to Gerry Belec and Deb Zinck at Global TV for all the great suggestions, feedback and patience which has made Elector a success.

8 Years of XPression

Our CG Journey.


As we approach our 8th anniversary of being Ross Video XPression developers, I reflect upon how we got here.


Up until 2009, all of our broadcast graphics development had been on the Inscriber platform using the RTX api. It had served us well but there were concerns about whether the Inscriber platform was keeping up technically. Also, with the acquisition of Inscriber by Leitch and then Harris, there were worries about Inscriber’s future.


In 2008, we started our investigation into an alternative CG. We had a close look at many of the leading CGs and even a few obscure ones, some of which have faded into the sunset. They were all fine but Francis and I were never satisfied with the programming api to those CGs.

We continued our search during our annual visit to NAB in 2009. D’Arcy and Francis raved about a CG being shown in the Ross booth which came about from an acquisition of Media Refinery. I finally popped by the booth an hour before the final bell and was given a demo by my old friend Hans. Within minutes, I knew we had found our CG.



I look back at all the software, both products and custom, we have developed which use XPression. With pride, we identify ourselves as XPression developers. And we thank Ross Video for keeping XPression on the top of the charts. Unlike most acquisitions, Ross poured resources into XPression and the product continues to evolve.

It’s easy to take for granted but BL wishes to thank Ross Video for their support of XPression. BL will continue to ride the XPR wave forever.

Bannister Lake Powers Financial Broadcast Graphics for Live Video Network Cheddar

CAMBRIDGE, ON, Canada, October 5, 2016 – Bannister Lake, a leading provider of broadcast data aggregation and graphics solutions, today announced that the company’s software is powering financial graphics generation for live news and entertainment company Cheddar.

Cheddar is a live and on-demand video news network focused on covering the most innovative products, technologies, and services transforming people’s lives. The network covers this news through the lens of the companies and executives driving these changes. Cheddar broadcasts from Post 10 on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange, the Sprint Flatiron Building Store, and NASDAQ Marketsite. Aligning with the viewing preferences of millennial audiences, Cheddar is available through social media platforms, over-the-top (OTT) services, mobile apps, and online on its website, Complementing its flagship Facebook Live streams, Cheddar announced a partnership earlier this month to bring exclusive, live ‘Closing Bell’ coverage to Twitter.

Seeking to expand and enrich its live, on-air graphics capabilities, Cheddar selected software from Bannister Lake to drive financial data management and graphics creation in conjunction with a Ross Xpression broadcast system. Seamlessly bridging Xpression with the Xignite Market Data Cloud, Cheddar’s chosen financial data provider, the Bannister Lake software gives Cheddar’s operators an easy-to-use interface to create and display up-to-the-second stock charts within their live broadcasts. Bannister Lake also generates Cheddar’s on-screen, real-time, crawling stock ticker from Xignite data, while an array of additional features allows Cheddar to trigger lower-third graphics, sequence elements into playlists, and define distinct layouts for the network’s various shows.

“The Bannister Lake software makes it easy for us to call up stock quotes and quickly create live charts for our broadcasts,” said Peter Gorenstein, chief content officer at Cheddar. “That ease and speed are critical, since financial data is time-sensitive. So many graphics solutions are inflexible, expensive, and confusing or complicated to work with. The combination of Bannister Lake software with Ross Xpression has given us the ease of use, reliability and flexibility we need as we expand our brand, programming and reach.”

Gorenstein’s satisfaction with Bannister Lake goes deeper than the software itself. “In a broadcast production environment, there is always a lot of integration required between many varying systems and components, and Bannister Lake has been tremendous in helping with that as our infrastructure evolved,” he added. “They have been responsive, met all of our deadlines, and have been a great partner all around.”

“Cheddar is a great example of the evolution of broadcasting, as new media companies emerge with a focus on the latest distribution platforms to fit the shifting viewing habits of their target audiences,” said Georg Hentsch, president, Bannister Lake. “Our solutions enable efficient, data-driven graphics workflows for any size of media enterprise on any platform, from online broadcasting start-ups to the largest traditional networks. We’re excited to be chosen by Cheddar and to be playing an important role in the growth and success of their innovative content offerings.”