Your Ultimate Real-Time Data Solution

Chameleon revolutionizes the way you access and utilize real-time data. With a comprehensive range of sources including news, sports, weather, elections, financial updates, closings, eSports, Twitter feeds, wagering data, promos, sponsorships, and more, Chameleon offers a single, all-in-one solution.

Unleash your creativity and captivate your audience with Chameleon’s powerful features. Users can effortlessly construct stunning and dynamic tickers, L-Bars, snipes, web widgets, and full frame graphics that showcase up-to-the-second data-driven content. The possibilities are endless.

Take your production to new heights with Chameleon’s advanced automation, query capabilities, and RESTful API functionality. Producers and media executives can optimize workflows, create innovative data-rich products, and unlock new revenue streams.

A sample Chameleon channel. The Chameleon channel’s data is live!

Enter Chameleon. An incredible solution adaptable to all environments.

Experience seamless integration with online applications, social media platforms, digital signage networks, augmented reality, virtual reality, and anywhere else that demands real-time data for a compelling and accurate storytelling experience.

Upgrade your data-driven production with Chameleon and watch your content transform into a captivating and impactful narrative.


Chameleon customers also have access to a FREE account of Community, Bannister Lake’s public data publisher.

Bannister Lake Products

Chameleon NDI
Chameleon CloudChameleon Chameleon
PricingFree with Active Chameleon LicenseContact SalesContact SalesContact SalesContact SalesContact Sales
Modules: Closings, Events, Scores, StoriesYYYYYY
Modules: Weather, Alerts, Elections, Financials, Traffic, Twitter, Media, QueryYYYY
Modules: Bugs, Snipes, Bumpers, RatingsYYY
Included Data
(RSS, iCal, Twitter, Weather)
CG (Character Generator/Sequencer) YYYY
Custom data feeds: (Sports, Finance, Weather, Lottery, Election) (Traffic and Automation systems)YYYY
Community LinkYYYY
NDI Support / Output Players YYYY
HTML 5 DesignerYYYY
SDI SupportYY
Rundown Controller / Show / SchedulerYYYY
Dynamic FieldsYYYYYY
Unlimited users / content groupsYYYYYY
LDAP/Google/Login SupportYYYYYY
Channel Support / Additional Channels
for NDI, HTML5 and XPression
1 ChannelIncl 1 CH
Add channels
Incl 1 CH
Add channels
Automation Player / SchedulerYYYUnlimited
Audit LogsYYYYYY
As Run ReportsYYYY
Text to Speech Support (with Cobalt TTS)YYYY
Own InstanceYYYY
Support 24/7 and Support ContractYFree 60 days supportYYY
Server solutionOptionalOptional