RogersTV – OHL Hockey Application

Rogers TV required a comprehensive and intuitive client/server application to drive on air graphics for their coverage of the 2009 OHL Hockey season. The Ross Xpression Studio SCE platform and Bannister Lake OHL Hockey application ensures on air graphic and branding consistency for every Rogers TV OHL telecast.

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  • The Hockey Client interface controls the Hockey Server residing on Xpression Studio.
  • Group One provides the operator with forms and presets to display Pregame, Lineups, Name and Player Keys information.
  • Scorebug group has individual applications to control the ScoreBug, Special Teams and Shootout information.
  • Forms are provided for Out of Town Scores, Game Story, Scoring Summary, Statistics, Post Game. Playoff Tree and Credits.
  • Utilities are provided with internet connection to update the local database of Players, Goalie and League statistics anytime during the game.
  • Built in League Editor allows support for other Hockey Leagues.
  • Hockey Client can run locally on Xpression Studio or remote PC as a backup client.
  • Native HD 1080i Xpression project file is down converted internally in real time by Xpression providing NTSC 4:3 output.
  • Solution is currently deployed on 21 RossVideo Xpression Studio SCE systems.