Zeus wide

Zeus is Bannister Lake’s digital media storage and playout solution that can be accessed via any web browser. In image and clip intensive production environments, Zeus provides producers with easy and immediate access to content. It is an ideal solution for home shopping channels, entertainment programs, news and sports productions and any production situation where the high volume, quick turnaround and unpredictability of clip and image requirements must be carefully managed. It’s hub and spoke structure allows multiple production personnel to add assets and create playlists offline creating more efficient workflows.

Images and video clip assets are completely searchable and can be made available for playout instantly. Zeus’ convenient drag and drop playlist and sequence builder provides users with a simple, intuitive method to organize and play back content. Zeus may also be used as a recording device to capture video content for later playback. With minimum custom development, third party MAM systems can be integrated into Zeus providing access to vast libraries of clip and image content. Zeus supports up to 4 SDI (HD/SD) channels as well as NDI.


An intuitive UI lets users import folders and simply click and drag assets, either images or clips, into the appropriate output framebuffer.




To speed up the production workflow, a centralized asset management structure allows multiple users to access the system simultaneously while ensuring the overall system is consistently synchronized. Producers can use their web browsers to build shows or content sequences offline saving valuable production time.


The remote interface looks and works exactly like the desktop application. Costs are minimized as a single Zeus system can support multiple concurrent users.

Lightening Bolts to Consider

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4 channel systems available
  • Output support for: SDI (HD/SD) and NDI
  • Playback support for stills/images and clips/video
  • Remote sequence builder interface - browser based
  • Supports the ability to record video
  • Live input frame grab support
  • Metadata, keyword & content search support