Rogers Media Television – BL Brando

Rogers Media required an intuitive and scalable HD on air branding solution for their broadcast properties across Canada. Bannister Lake Brando provided Rogers staff at Lakeshore in Toronto with the ability to schedule lower-thirds, next ups, bugs, bumpers, voice overs and ticker for hubs in Toronto and Calgary with initial support for 18 Brando Players/channels.

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  • High quality HD broadcast output with infinite graphic layers using RossVideo Xpression BlueBox with tight integration with XPression scenes.
  • Supports Bugs, Tickers, Bumpers, Next Ups, Voice Overs, Lower 3rds and Program embedded promos.
  • Multi-channel support all in one user interface with a flexible and secure web interface for content management and scheduling.
  • Master Control player status and graphics override with scene preview from Brando Switcher module.
  • Deploy graphics to Brando Players simply using Xpression Project Server and Brando Gears.
  • Streamlined work flow from graphic design to content scheduling and last minute boards or tickers.
  • Flexible scene tags provide a way to create templates with program information, temperature, time, captions and sponsor clips.