Brando Channel Branding

Brando Channel Branding


Bugs, Snipes, Next Boards, Promos, Bumpers, Countdown Clocks, Ratings, Amber Alerts and more, scheduled from major traffic and automation systems, or quickly and easily scheduled from our web-based interface. Brando's network branding solution is ideal for both live and taped programming. Brando is an open system allowing 3rd party developers to add additional integration with traffic and automation. Brando even works in harmony with Super Ticker on the same or secondary channel and sharing the same database/web server.

Brando Web Interface: Flow

At the heart of Brando is an open access database and our web-based framework Flow. Flow provides unlimited users with different access levels to view, schedule and troubleshoot unlimited channels. Every transaction in Flow is logged and Flow provides reports for as-runs, errors and much more. Flow’s BLADE access provides an easy way to pull data from our database using an HTTP Post mechanism.

Brando Web Interface

Brando Web Interface

Although scheduling can be done through triggering graphics based on house numbers or trigger commands, Brando represents a hybrid system which can share scheduling from Brando Flow and automation/traffic.

Broadcast Bug Scheduling

Broadcast Bug Scheduling

Our network branding solution's interface provides a wide range of different user types from administrators, schedulers and TDs. However, Brando takes it a step further by providing content groups so data can be unique to station groups. For example, from a single Brando server, several station groups can share the same server while insulating the channel groups data from each other. Only members of a content group (or administrators) can modify their schedules.

Channel Branding Workflow

Brando's Network Branding Workflow

Setup your channel’s branding scenes with tight integration with Ross XPression. Designers can continue using their favorite toolsets to reduce the learning curve and quickly bring rich graphics into XPression. 3D models can be animated by segment for captivating effects. Using predefined resource tags in your scenes, an entire channel can be run with less than a dozen dynamic scenes.

Brando offers a hybrid approach to scheduling. Use existing traffic/automation scheduling, our web-based scheduling or a hybrid of the two. Easily schedule Bugs, Snipes, Next and Bumpers across multiple channels. Bring in schedules from traffic and automation. Quickly schedule months of programming.

The Player combines your scenes with the scheduled content at broadcast time. Scene playback is triggered from broadcast traffic, automation play lists and time code for the highest automated broadcast available. For sports or live channels, events can be operator triggered to fit in with game action. Powerful 3D graphics driven by the Ross Video Blue Box to leave an impression on your viewers. As-Run reports provide proof of play for your sponsored segments.

Brando at a Glance

  • Can be installed in the cloud or master control
  • Scalable for any size group with unlimited users and channels
  • Supports cross channel promotion
  • Rapid implementation with minimum workflow disruption
  • Allows end users and 3rd party developers to customize and extend the system
  • Support for major traffic and automation systems
  • GPI, IP, 422 and manual triggering all active at the same time
  • Operator triggered programmed events for live channels or shows
  • Data and graphics design are independent with linking tools provided
  • Sponsored Snipes/Next/Bumpers with as-runs for reconciliation and billing
  • Tight integration with Ross Video’s XPression Character Generator
  • Integration with Ross Video’s Project Server for fully automated deployment of graphics
  • Preview support
  • Works in harmony with Super Ticker
  • Choose between scheduling from Brando’s scheduler, traffic/automation or a hybrid of the two
  • Months of content entered in a few clicks with the Recurrent Schedule Editor
  • Switcher application provides triggering of all graphics manually on one or more channels simultaneously
  • Dynamic tags and logos making it easy to reuse graphics templates
  • Wiki-based documentation
  • 24/7 ticketed support system
  • BXF support (coming soon)