Creative Services

If in house graphic design isn’t available to help you put the final look on your broadcast or signage projects, let Bannister Lake’s experienced graphic design division lend a hand!

Available for Live events including sports, news tickers, 24 hour information channels and general station branding.

Graphic Design Planning

Our creative team will guide you through all stages of graphic development. From defining what your branding goals are to ensuring that your graphics follow any existing graphic guidelines you already have in place.

Graphic Design Experience

With 15 years experience in broadcast graphic design, our team uses the latest Adobe suite tools combined with 3D modelling packages to give your graphics the exciting flare that keep viewers coming back to your show.  The delivered products will support any on-air character generator including; Ross, Chyron, Imagine.


If you’ve also purchased a Bannister Lake broadcast solution we’ll take your graphics package and hook it into your automation output for the perfect seamless project release.

Let the BL graphics team assemble the most cutting edge broadcast output your audience has ever seen. Designs available for live events, sporting events, speciality programs, news tickers, 24 hour information channels or general branding.

You need it? we can design it!