Unparalleled Election Night Coverage with Real-Time Results

Election night stands as a pivotal moment in any broadcaster’s editorial calendar. It demands extensive editorial, production, and technical resources to deliver a successful broadcast. Central to this is the accurate display of race results data and analytics. Enter Chameleon, your ultimate solution for spectacular election coverage.

Chameleon’s robust election module equips you with the essential tools to track race results, make timely calls, and generate visually stunning election graphics. With up-to-the-second data integration, Chameleon ensures that you stay ahead of the competition by providing accurate and real-time election updates. The solution seamlessly reads popular election data feeds, including AP elections and Decision Desk HQ, enabling comprehensive coverage of small regional races, propositions, primaries, as well as the presidential race.

To further elevate your election coverage, Chameleon integrates Bannister Lake’s Elector race software solution. Elector is purpose-built for parliamentary-style elections and has garnered the trust of leading Canadian broadcasters for over a decade. Leveraging Elector’s expertise, Chameleon enables you to analyze and display results graphics with precision and reliability. The software has been extensively utilized in numerous federal, provincial, and municipal races across Canada, establishing a strong track record of success.

With Chameleon as your election coverage companion, you can seamlessly combine real-time results data, powerful analytics, and visually captivating graphics to create a truly immersive and engaging viewing experience. Trust in Chameleon’s capabilities to bring your election night coverage to the forefront of innovation and excellence.