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Much more than just a broadcast news ticker, Super Ticker is a scalable, multi-channel, multi-user data aggregation and display control system for the broadcast and information display industries. Designed to run 24/7, Super Ticker is a mission-critical enterprise class software for use in any broadcast, PEG, sports, signage, or venue application, requiring automated data display and control.



Super Ticker, broadcast news ticker, handles many different types of data and has interfaces optimized for each type, controlling automated collection, manual entry, and moderation in any combination. Rather than being locked into a fixed package of second tier data providers, Super Ticker lets you pick best of breed sources and makes it easy to work with those you already have. Data types include: Stories, Scores, Events, Weather, Financials, Social Media, Sponsors, Closings, Traffic, Ski Reports, Elections, Alerts and Lotteries.

Super Ticker - Elections-Graphic


Elections are standard in Super Ticker, designed from the ground up with political elections in mind, it can be used for polls, surveys, industry board elections and races of any type.  Standard data types are included to define candidates, offices, areas, questions, polls, surveys and multiple, simultaneous election events, including current and historical data.


All content control and moderation is through Web browser connections, letting unlimited users connect from any location. Sophisticated user management tools and Content Groups allow any mix of common data and isolated local and regional data. New content can be added at any time to support breaking news or fast changing weather situations.


Super Ticker can support any number of channels, data sources, editorial producers, designers, and multiple shows/looks based on templates. An optional backup server with data replication gives total peace of mind when running multiple channels.


Super Ticker provides the ultimate centralized workflow experience: simultaneous collaboration coupled with a clean, intuitive interface. The “design once and re-purpose often” model of content reuse has never been so easy to setup and maintain.


Graphics creation is independent from data management. Set up scenes using design tools available on any graphics system. Different channels can share looks or every channel can have entirely separate appearances and behaviors.


Integrate information from automated sources with locally generated content to provide up-to-the-minute data in a visually exciting format to maintain viewer interest. Control all content for multiple locations from a single, powerful web-based interface. Monitor and manage everything from region specific news items to national sports scores. Easily reuse national content across all regions while adding specific regional news stories.


Any data type, from general information, news stories, sports scores and weather to election results and even traffic or campus cameras can play out from any selected screen region.


Broadcast CGs and Graphic Systems

Modern broadcast graphics devices can read data from external URLs to fill static or animated template fields. Chyron Lyric, Mosaic and ChannelBox, Ross XPression, Pixel Power Clarity and LogoVision, Imagine Communications, Vizrt graphics systems have all been tested pulling data from our BLADE output system.

Integrated Channel Playout Systems

Channel in a Box systems play out an ever increasing number of broadcast and cable channels. They are also now capable of high quality built-in graphics and many can source automated data from Super Ticker.

Web Sites and Signage

BLADE makes it easy to use the same feeds to provide data to multiple output systems in different formats simultaneously.

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Super Ticker at a Glance

  • Install on the cloud or in master control
  • Scalable for small and large station groups
  • Supports an unlimited number of users and broadcast channels
  • Channels can have common or totally different looks as required
  • Content Groups allow shared access to common data whilst isolating local data
  • Automated and manually entered regional and local content in any combination
  • Fully automated operation from built-in rundowns and scheduler
  • Automated or externally triggered state changes between different layouts/looks
  • Unlimited screen zones with animated transitions
  • Support for ads/sponsor graphics with as-runs for reconciliation and billing
  • Support for all platforms including character generators, digital signage and websites, through tightly coupled players or BLADE.
  • Supports a wide range of data feeds including AP, Stats Inc., WSI and many others
  • Support for 3rd party developers to write their own data feed parsers
  • Wiki-based documentation
  • 24/7 ticketed support system
  • Native HTML5 support
  • Super Ticker Community provides support for public-facing data feeds which can be subscribed to by Super Ticker customers.
  • Dynamic playlists using the Query data type
  • Supports LDAP, Google and Facebook logon credentials

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