Univision Entertainment – Sabado Gigante

Customer: Univision Entertainment – Sabado Gigante
Application: Game Controllers

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Bannister Lake developed a series of Game controllers for Univision Entertainment’s popular weekend variety program, Sabato Gigante, hosted by Don Francisco.

  • Rules, User Interface (UI) and 3D graphics were developed for 5 Games, Lotto, Race Game, HotRod, Roulette and Word Game.
  • 3D graphics and media for each Game were integrated into RossVideo XPression CG graphics for broadcast playout.
  • All games and graphic output from XPression were remotely controlled by Don and guests using a touch screen interface to the game UI with stop and reset capabilities for retakes.

BL Elector – 2011 and 2014 Ontario Provincial Election

TVO required a comprehensive ‘real-time’ turnkey election package to manage their Election results for the Agenda’s coverage of the 2011 and 2014 Ontario Provincial Elections. Bannister Lake Elector on RossVideo’s XPression BlueBox provided TVO with a superior level of editorial and graphic control for their entire election telecast.

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  • Reliable connection to Consortium Feed with full support for automated and manually entered results.
  • Flow, BL Elector’s web based content management dashboard, provided a centralized hub for TVO talent, producers and political analysts to the “real time” election data. Data included, candidate and riding context, scenarios and alerts that assisted in highlighting close and tight races.
  • Elector’s standardized graphics specification allowed TVO unlimited graphic design freedom without programming modifications.
  • Flow’s candidate management module allowed easy addition of candidate head shots for on air broadcast.
  • Main and Backup Elector Players output to 2 Channel RossVideo XPression BlueBox.

RogersTV – OHL Hockey Application

Rogers TV required a comprehensive and intuitive client/server application to drive on air graphics for their coverage of the 2009 OHL Hockey season. The Ross Xpression Studio SCE platform and Bannister Lake OHL Hockey application ensures on air graphic and branding consistency for every Rogers TV OHL telecast.

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  • The Hockey Client interface controls the Hockey Server residing on Xpression Studio.
  • Group One provides the operator with forms and presets to display Pregame, Lineups, Name and Player Keys information.
  • Scorebug group has individual applications to control the ScoreBug, Special Teams and Shootout information.
  • Forms are provided for Out of Town Scores, Game Story, Scoring Summary, Statistics, Post Game. Playoff Tree and Credits.
  • Utilities are provided with internet connection to update the local database of Players, Goalie and League statistics anytime during the game.
  • Built in League Editor allows support for other Hockey Leagues.
  • Hockey Client can run locally on Xpression Studio or remote PC as a backup client.
  • Native HD 1080i Xpression project file is down converted internally in real time by Xpression providing NTSC 4:3 output.
  • Solution is currently deployed on 21 RossVideo Xpression Studio SCE systems.

Rogers Media Television – BL Brando

Rogers Media required an intuitive and scalable HD on air branding solution for their broadcast properties across Canada. Bannister Lake Brando provided Rogers staff at Lakeshore in Toronto with the ability to schedule lower-thirds, next ups, bugs, bumpers, voice overs and ticker for hubs in Toronto and Calgary with initial support for 18 Brando Players/channels.

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  • High quality HD broadcast output with infinite graphic layers using RossVideo Xpression BlueBox with tight integration with XPression scenes.
  • Supports Bugs, Tickers, Bumpers, Next Ups, Voice Overs, Lower 3rds and Program embedded promos.
  • Multi-channel support all in one user interface with a flexible and secure web interface for content management and scheduling.
  • Master Control player status and graphics override with scene preview from Brando Switcher module.
  • Deploy graphics to Brando Players simply using Xpression Project Server and Brando Gears.
  • Streamlined work flow from graphic design to content scheduling and last minute boards or tickers.
  • Flexible scene tags provide a way to create templates with program information, temperature, time, captions and sponsor clips.

RNNTV – BLNewsTicker and BLBBS

Customer: RNNTV
Application: Bannister Lake BLNewsTicker and BLBBS
Platform: Harris/Inscriber IconStation with RTXPorts

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RNNTV required a comprehensive on air branding solution to complement their Harris IconStation systems. Currently broadcasting to 3 separate markets, RNNTV required a solution dynamic enough to handle data variations for all 3 regions while maintaining a common interface to minimize the operator training required to maintain all 3 regions.

  • Headlines and data are stored in a centralized database; then managed through the BLBBS interface.
  • BLBBS Supports, o Multiple users, simultaneous input.
  • Manual input for Breaking News and School Closings events.
  • Automated input from multiple data feeds including: AP, TickerTech & custom XML.
  • Automated categories include: Sports, Weather, Traffic and Headlines.
  • Provides Independent control of individual graphic elements.
  • Automation support through configurable GPI triggers.
  • Dynamic progress bar shows stories remaining per topic/category.
  • Station branding includes current time and temperature.

Rochester Institute of Technology – BLScoreBug Remote Control

Customer: Rochester Institute of Technology
Application: BLScoreBug Hockey with BLScoreBug Remote Control
Platform: Harris GScribe G3 with RTXPorts

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Rochester Institute of Technology required a Hockey ScoreBug solution with Remote Control that would operate concurrently with their Harris GScribe character generator system.

  • The main Hockey Scorebug Server application resides on the GScribe CG (character generator) system with RTXPorts.
  • ScoreBug operator controls the ScoreBug output using the BLScoreBug Remote Control over a standard TCP/IP network.
  • ScoreBoard controller data input for Autopilot is connected via RS232 to the Remote Control PC.
  • Unlike a dedicated standalone ScoreBug that requires additional hardware, the BLScoreBug Remote Control allows the CG and Hockey ScoreBug to output concurrently on a single or dual-channel GScribe system.

Red Bull/ Alpha Sports/ TSN – Red Bull Crashed Ice 2009

Customer: Red Bull/ Alpha Sports/ TSN
Application: Race Results Display Solution
Platform: Inscriber/Harris RTX G3 HD platform

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Red Bull and Alpha Sports required a real-time HD display solution to overlay race results for the Red Bull Crashed Ice 2009 Telecast on TSN.

  • Solution interprets race data to output track positions during race and finish times as they occur.
  • System preserves all racer progress to track racers through heats and provide on the fly heat/bracket displays.
  • Application instantly outputs racer name, origin, country flag as lower thirds and optional headshot graphics for camera pans during race starts.
  • Radar gun captures racer current speed direct to air.
  • System also provides the ability to export race data for connectivity with other broadcast display systems. (Inscriber, Chyron, Pinnacle or Vizrt)
  • Complete solution is ready for broadcast in less than 5 minutes.

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment BL ScoreBug and RossVideo XPression

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment BL ScoreBug and RossVideo XPression BlueBox

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment required an automated HD/SD ScoreBug solution to drive their in-house broadcast of Hockey, Basketball and Lacrosse games at the Air Canada Centre. Bannister Lake delivered Scorebug with AutoPilot running on RossVideo XPression BlueBox SCE to display scoring and time for their sports broadcasts.

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  • ScoreBug Hockey, Basketball and Lacrosse applications run on the RossVideo XPression BlueBox SCE.
  • ScoreBug AutoPilot connects to the OES scoreboard controller for automatic control of game scores and time.
  • GPO from M/E on production switcher takes the ScoreBug off during replays.
  • In house video content keyed with ScoreBug output for final presentation.

Miami Heat – BLScoreBug Basketball

Miami Heat – BLScoreBug Basketball

Customer: Miami Heat
Application: BLScoreBug Basketball with Autopilot
Platform: Harris ChannelOne with RTXPorts

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Miami Heat required an automated Basketball ScoreBug for their in-house broadcast system that would integrate with Daktronics Scoreboard controller and output score results in real time to their Harris Channel One system.

  • Daktronics ScoreBoard controller data feed connects to Harris Channel One system with BLScoreBug Basketball and Autopilot.
  • BLScoreBug renders the ScoreBug layout in real time to the graphic ‘scorebug’ region in the Channel One layout.
  • ScoreBug can be switched to manual control.

McMaster University – Residence Life – Residence Information System

McMaster University – Residence Life – Residence Information System

Customer: McMaster University – Residence Life
Project: Residence Information System
Application: Harris/Infocaster

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McMaster University required a Residence Information System to broadcast dynamic content (images, text and video) throughout their 12 residence buildings, which serve as home to approximately 3700 McMaster Students.

  • System provides improved message delivery of information, news and campus activities to residence students.
  • Cost savings realized through digital (not paper) production & distribution.
  • Allows customized messaging to individual residence buildings, connecting to McMaster’s RSS feed for current news and events.
  • System provides new opportunities for advertising and promotion of McMaster University campus partners.
  • Secure LCD enclosures with Lexan screens to prevent tampering and vandalism.
  • Built in capabilities to address future security and emergency messaging to residences.