BL Elector – 2011 and 2014 Ontario Provincial Election

TVO required a comprehensive ‘real-time’ turnkey election package to manage their Election results for the Agenda’s coverage of the 2011 and 2014 Ontario Provincial Elections. Bannister Lake Elector on RossVideo’s XPression BlueBox provided TVO with a superior level of editorial and graphic control for their entire election telecast.

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  • Reliable connection to Consortium Feed with full support for automated and manually entered results.
  • Flow, BL Elector’s web based content management dashboard, provided a centralized hub for TVO talent, producers and political analysts to the “real time” election data. Data included, candidate and riding context, scenarios and alerts that assisted in highlighting close and tight races.
  • Elector’s standardized graphics specification allowed TVO unlimited graphic design freedom without programming modifications.
  • Flow’s candidate management module allowed easy addition of candidate head shots for on air broadcast.
  • Main and Backup Elector Players output to 2 Channel RossVideo XPression BlueBox.