Lone Eagle Entertainment – Real-time Game Show Graphic Engine

Lone Eagle Entertainment – Real-time Game Show Graphic Engine for Inside the Box

Customer: Lone Eagle Entertainment
Application: Real-time Game Show Graphic Engine for production of ‘Inside the Box’
Platform: Inscriber GScribe with RTX Ports

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Lone Eagle Entertainment required an automated broadcast display solution for their Contestant and Operator applications to output real-time graphics for production of their hit game show, Inside the Box.

  • The Operator Application uses a Case file to display a series of questions on the Contestants’ Touchscreens.
  • Operator starts the game round with a 2 minute countdown clock and verifies the Contestants’ response to each question.
  • The graphic engine interprets each Operator command to output Clues, Hints, Scores and animations in real-time.
  • Having access to the GScribe character generator allowed production staff to make quick modifications to the graphic elements
    during production.
  • Generating graphics during the show production reduced the costs of inserting graphics in post production.

HSBC A5N – BL ScoreBug Lite

Alpha Sports required a compact and portable HD/SD Rugby ScoreBug solution for their coverage of the 2011 Asian 5 Nation Rugby tournament. Bannister Lake delivered Rugby Scorebug running on RossVideo Xpression Studio offline to manage and display all in-show graphics for the HSBC A5N tournament.

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  • RossVideo Xpression Studio and Rugby ScoreBug run on standard laptop with dedicated Nvidia graphics card.
  • DVI-D and analog audio from laptop connects to Matrox Convert DVI.
  • Matrox Convert DVI outputs HDSDI, HD to SD down convert or SDI with embedded audio to switcher.
  • No additional CG is required. Rugby Scorebug also provides boards for Lineups/Reserves, Rosters, Standings, Name Keys, Intro/Weights and Substitutions.

Eastlink Television – BLScoreBug with Remote Control

Eastlink Television – BLScoreBug with Remote Control

Customer: Eastlink Television
Application: Bannister Lake BLScoreBug with Remote Control
Platform: Inscriber/Harris GScribe G3 with RTXPorts

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Eastlink Television required a ScoreBug solution that operated concurrently with their Inscriber GScribe system.

  • BLScoreBug Remote Control ‘Client’ connects to BLScoreBug ‘Server’ on GScribe system via TCP/IP.
  • BLScoreBug Remote Control enables full remote control of BLScoreBug on the G7, G3 and G1
  • GScribe Platform, allowing BLScoreBug and GScribe to output concurrently in SD and HDTV on Single or Dual channel systems.
  • BLScoreBug Remote Control supports GScribe Version 3X, 5X and 6X systems with the RTXPorts option

Eastlink Television/ CBC News – 2008 Nova Scotia Municipal Elections

Customer: Eastlink Television/ CBC News
Application: Bannister Lake BLElector
Platform: Inscriber/Harris GScribe G3 with RTXPorts
Project: 2008 Nova Scotia Municipal and School Board Elections

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Eastlink Television and CBC News required a central secure web-based application to manage and display results for the 2008 Nova Scotia Municipal and School Board Elections.

  •  BLElector provides Operator and Administrator forms to manage input of results and headlines.
  •  Headline Control form manages the order and schedule for messages displayed in the crawl region.
  • Both Results and Headline Control applications write to a central database connected to the GScribe system.
  • Users from 55 regions login remotely to enter results for local ridings.
  • A two channel Gscribe system and BLElector managed

TPNEvents – Automated High Definition display solution for Visitor Center.

Customer: TPNEvents, Seattle
Application: Automated High Definition display solution for Boeing 787 Visitor Center.
Solution: Inscriber Infocaster, RFID reader, MySQL Database, ASP.NET and INCA RTX port.
Platform: Inscriber Infocaster with INCA RTX port option.

TPN Events required an automated display solution for the Boeing 787 Visitor Center in Seattle. The high definition Infocaster display solution is automatically triggered by an RFID card reader connected to a MySQL database and INCA RTX port. BLSoft RFID Data Control application allows secure entry and management of new visitors, companies and video clips.

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• RFID card generates data string for the RFID Parser/Converter application.
• RFID Parser/ Converter initiates look up “Name, Title, Company, Video” on MySQL database.
• INCA RTX Port application running on Infocaster generates CG overlay for background video clip.
• Infocaster Creator/Player outputs DVI to Christie S12 projector.


Chameleon Support in Telestream’s Wirecast

With the growing trend of live streaming, producers are searching for various tools available to make their production switching workflow as smooth as possible.  Bannister Lake’s focus is its flagship product, Chameleon, our data and graphics platform.  Chameleon allows aggregation, moderation and distributing of any data type from news, elections, sports scores, traffic, weather, closings, alerts, etc… and distribute it back through an API or using it’s own graphics rendering engine.

At this years IBC, we discovered key features in Wirecast Pro that make the two platforms work together with very little effort. 


Chameleon HTML5 render isn’t restricted to any dimension or style.  The conventional means of using 16×9 isn’t necessary in the world of web, and therefore, custom graphics created using Chameleon’s rendering engine allow users to create graphics in whatever size they want.   This becomes useful in Wirecast’s production environment, where using their Web Display tool as a source, you can specify the dimensions of your graphics.  And an even more impressive feature, Wirecast supports HTML5’s alpha channel.

With Chameleon, users have a full on solution for tickers and branding.  Chameleon’s powerful branding tool can allow larger productions to schedule bugs, snipes and promo/sponsorship material during their broadcast.  And for 24/7 users of Wirecast, producers can integrate their programming lineup in Chameleon and have support for displaying upcoming content.  On the data side, Wirecast users of Chameleon, can display everything from social media content, news, elections and sports scores results in an automated continuous cycle, enhancing information for your viewers.  Essentially, Chameleon is an enhanced CG ticker/branding solution that works out of the box with Wirecast.

For commercial companies, looking for a package to distribute data while broadcasting their content, Chameleon and Wirecast is the ideal solution.

To view a sample of the html5 rendering, visit blcloud.net/chameleon

For information on Chameleon, contact sales@bannisterlake.com