Customer: WDAY, Fargo North Dakota

Application: Chameleon & Community  (under Ross Tick-It)

Platform: RossVideo XPression Studio and BlueBox

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Bannister Lake provided an automated broadcast ticker solution for WDAY to support regional school closures.

  • North Dakota regional schools provide school closure information and status through their Community Content Editor Account.
  • Community Closing data is automatically pushed to WDAY’s instance of Chameleon and presented on air
  • Ticker information automatically is displayed on-air without intervention from Master Control.


TVA – TVA Nouvelles TVA Sports

Customer: Quebecor TVA Sports/Nouvelles

Application: Chameleon (Ross Tick-It)

Platform: RossVideo XPression Studio

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Bannister Lake delivered a fully automated redundant broadcast ticker solution for TVA Nouvelles 2 channels and TVA Sports 1/2

  • 4 channels of Chameleon on 4 Xpression BlueBoxes (+1 Backup), pulling data from a central Chameleon server.
  • Chameleon Server is configured as a primary and backup for fail over. (redundancy)
  • Weather feed data driven by WSI
  • Lottery results from Loto Quebec
  • Live sports data is provided by Stats
  • Backup player is a hot spare for any of the 4 on air channels.


News 12 – Traffic and Weather

Customer: News 12 Traffic and Weather (New York)

Application: Chameleon (under Ross Tick-It)

Platform: RossVideo XPression Studio

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Bannister Lake delivered an automated broadcast ticker solution for News 12 to display weather and traffic for the 5 regional stations.

  • 5 channels of Chameleon running on 5 Xpression BlueBoxes, pulling data from a central Chameleon server.
  • Weather is a combination of WSI data feed and manual input from their Meteorologist.
  • Data from National Weather Alerts is filtered and prioritized to show only weather data for the regions with a severity of 2 or higher with specific weather conditions.
  • Inrix GeoID app is programmed to read traffic information from coordinate specific regions.
  • Blade is used to populate News12’s website feeds with the same data used on air.



YAHOO! Sports Fantasy Football

YAHOO! Sports broadcasts a weekly Fantasy Football show reviewing all aspects of the NFL current season.

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The show is an interactive show which lets viewers call in, web conference or tweet their comments and opinions on their favorite players and teams. As an interactive show YAHOO needed a solution that could deliver player and team statistics quickly and easily with the most up to date statistics in a reliable fashion.

A customized solution was developed to meet the requirements of Yahoo. The solution incorporated the reading of 3 different data feeds to compile the most up to date statistics possible. Data feeds automatically provide the current injury reports, player and team statistics. Using a client-server workflow the custom graphic application can be run from a laptop on the network to drive the Xpression graphic system. This workflow allows a second operator to use Xpression at the same time for any additional needs such as lower thirds.

Problem: With so much data available the operator is overwhelmed trying to retrieve it fast enough to keep up with a live program.

Solution: By building a custom software application Bannister was able to present all the NFL data in an organized fashion in a single screen. From here the operator can quickly select a player or team and display any or all of the statistics available within seconds.

Problem: Viewers that call into the show are pre-screened so it is known what topics they wish to discuss just before they are on air. During this very short period of time the operator needs to prepare as many statistics as possible which could come out of the callers dialog.

Solution: The application allows the operator to start typing, “man” for example, and it automatically filters the names. Using a ‘;’ separator the operator can quickly type multiple names resulting in a much more condense list of NFL players for that call.

US Democratic Senate – In-House Channel

The United States Democratic Senate broadcasts an in-house channel of the floor proceedings and needed a reliable solution to include upcoming vote information, bills in discussion, and general information on proceedings and schedules. The BL Flow solution provided a simple web interface for the input of new items, schedules and even control over the broadcast output.

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  • Runners need to quickly input or update information on upcoming bills, votes and general proceedings from various sources (email, web, printed documents and hand written notes).
  • Runners do not have direct access to broadcast systems or have graphical knowledge/training to modify templates.
  • Graphic changes based on a number of different triggers: operator driven through BL Flow, votes triggered externally via GPI from Senate floor clock
  • All content changes or modifications are logged providing a complete audit of the entire system at any time
  • User groups allow administrator to control which groups have access rights to add or change different types of information

US Navy – Pentagon

The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. The US Navy is one of 3 agencies that run operations and communications from this massive facility. In addition to using traditional forms of communication like radio and news wires the Office of Information for the Navy also uses the web and social media like Facebook and Twitter to communicate to sailors as well as the public.

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The US Navy wanted a way to manage and combine many of these sources of information to create an in- house channel. BL Super Ticker on the XPression graphic platform provided the US Navy with a solution that fit for today and could expand to fit their growing needs.


Problem: A television or video broadcast will be seen by a wide range of personnel. How to efficiently aggregate and manage all of the US Navy’s data sources of approved communications.

Solution: BL Super Ticker provided a simple and intuitive interface to moderate automated content as well as input and edit news manually. RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook posts would automatically be available to the moderator and output playlist.

Problem: The only constant is change and the US Navy needed to be able to dynamically change what information goes to air and where on the screen.
Solution: Super Ticker supports dynamic reassignment of content organized into topics. For each zone or area of the screen an operator only needs to drag available content to the assigned column. Drag out to remove, it’s that simple.

Bell Media – CTV News Channel

Customer: Bell Media – CTV News
Application: Chameleon
Platform: Chameleon and RossVideo XPression

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CTV News Channel, CTV’s National 24/7 News Channel, required a refresh on their HD look to display News, Finance, Scores, Weather and Breaking News.

  • Chameleon ingests News, Finance, Scores and Weather data sources into its centralized database.
  • Operators edit content, rundowns and schedules for each zone. 
  • Breaking News Items are triggered automatically without operator intervention.
  • Imagine ADC automation triggers Chameleon Player layout (state) for Commercial Breaks and special segments.
  • To ensure output and on air reliability, Chameleon Player uses a combination of Timecode, GPI, Serial (Sercom) and IP triggers.
  • Automatic replication of Main and Backup Chameleon Servers are connected to mirrored XPression BlueBox systems for fail over and redundancy.

Global News – 2011 and 2014 Ontario Provincial Election

Global News required a comprehensive, dynamic ‘real-time’ election package to manage their Election results and on air output for the 2011 and 2014 Ontario Provincial Elections. Bannister Lake Elector on RossVideo’s XPression BlueBox provided Global News with a superior level of editorial and graphic control for their entire election telecast.

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  • Easy and reliable support for Election Consortium Feed with full support for automated and manually entered results.
  • Flow, BL Elector’s web based content management dashboard, provided a centralized hub for dozens of talent, producers and political analysts to the “real time” election data. Data included, Charts, candidate and riding context, ‘what-if’ scenarios and alerts that assisted in highlighting close and interesting races.
  • Playlist building from within Flow allowed workload to be offloaded from the on-air operator with the result being a dynamic and exciting telecast.
  • Elector’s standardized graphics specification allowed unlimited graphic design freedom without programming modifications.
  • Flow’s candidate management module allowed easy addition of candidate head shots for on air broadcast.
  • Elector Player output to multiple HD channels using RossVideo XPression BlueBox.

GlobalNews / ShawMedia – BL Super Ticker

Global News required a comprehensive, dynamic News ticker package to manage display of news, weather, sports and traffic information for their 4 production centers in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Bannister Lake provided Super Ticker, a enterprise broadcast branding solution that integrated seamlessly with their existing XPression MOS workflow.

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  • Easy and reliable support for Weather, Sports, Traffic, Business and News data with full support for automated data feeds and manually entered data.
  • Flow for Super Ticker is a web based content management dashboard that provides a centralized hub for dozens of producers to access content for their programs.
  • Building of show rundown within Flow allows this task to be offloaded from the on-air operator.
  • Supports streamlined work flow from graphic design through to content scheduling and facilitates any required last minute boards or tickers.
  • Supports streamlined work flow from graphic design to content scheduling and last minute boards or tickers.
  • Super Ticker Player outputs to multiple HD channels using RossVideo XPression BlueBox.
  • New Ticker Player channels can be added without affecting existing Ticker Players.

Chameleon and CTV CanadaAM

2010 CTV Canada AM was looking for a ticker solution to display weather, traffic, finance, scores and news. Chameleon was used as the solution. 

  • Each station manages local news, sports and weather content.
  • Content administration of 7 channels are managed by CTV Agincourt.