US Democratic Senate – In-House Channel

The United States Democratic Senate broadcasts an in-house channel of the floor proceedings and needed a reliable solution to include upcoming vote information, bills in discussion, and general information on proceedings and schedules. The BL Flow solution provided a simple web interface for the input of new items, schedules and even control over the broadcast output.

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  • Runners need to quickly input or update information on upcoming bills, votes and general proceedings from various sources (email, web, printed documents and hand written notes).
  • Runners do not have direct access to broadcast systems or have graphical knowledge/training to modify templates.
  • Graphic changes based on a number of different triggers: operator driven through BL Flow, votes triggered externally via GPI from Senate floor clock
  • All content changes or modifications are logged providing a complete audit of the entire system at any time
  • User groups allow administrator to control which groups have access rights to add or change different types of information