US Navy – Pentagon

The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. The US Navy is one of 3 agencies that run operations and communications from this massive facility. In addition to using traditional forms of communication like radio and news wires the Office of Information for the Navy also uses the web and social media like Facebook and Twitter to communicate to sailors as well as the public.

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The US Navy wanted a way to manage and combine many of these sources of information to create an in- house channel. BL Super Ticker on the XPression graphic platform provided the US Navy with a solution that fit for today and could expand to fit their growing needs.


Problem: A television or video broadcast will be seen by a wide range of personnel. How to efficiently aggregate and manage all of the US Navy’s data sources of approved communications.

Solution: BL Super Ticker provided a simple and intuitive interface to moderate automated content as well as input and edit news manually. RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook posts would automatically be available to the moderator and output playlist.

Problem: The only constant is change and the US Navy needed to be able to dynamically change what information goes to air and where on the screen.
Solution: Super Ticker supports dynamic reassignment of content organized into topics. For each zone or area of the screen an operator only needs to drag available content to the assigned column. Drag out to remove, it’s that simple.