Bannister Lake Software Brings Cloud Agility and Cost Savings to Super Ticker Content Management Solution

Bannister Lake Software is excited to announce Super Ticker Cloud, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation of the company’s widely-deployed Super Ticker content management solution for data-rich television broadcasts and information display. Running on Amazon Web Services, the new cloud-based offering empowers Super Ticker users with outstanding new levels of scalability, accessibility and cost-efficiency.  

Super Ticker Cloud includes all of the powerful features of on-premises Super Ticker installations, enabling users to aggregate, manage and moderate automated data feeds from dozens of external sources through one consistent web-based interface. Going far beyond news ticker functionality, Super Ticker Cloud allows users to freely combine this rich data with manual input and original content for a wide variety of applications including 24/7 news channels, broadcast programs, special event coverage, sports and venue displays. The new cloud-based offering further enhances Super Ticker’s superior multi-user collaboration capabilities, with operators able to securely access Super Ticker Cloud from anywhere in the world.

Super Ticker Cloud offers attractive cost benefits to broadcasters looking to reduce capital expenditures and better manage their operational expenses. As a SaaS solution, customers can rapidly deploy Super Ticker Cloud without the acquisition, setup and ongoing maintenance costs of on-premises systems to host it. The economic benefits are even more significant for customers using Super Ticker Cloud for short-term projects or one-time events. Such users can deploy cloud-based instances as needed, without over-investing in on-premises infrastructure that will go unused afterwards.

Bannister Lake’s flexible deployment models provide customers with even greater operational agility. Super Ticker Cloud SaaS instances running on Amazon Web Services are available on a subscription basis. Alternatively, customers can purchase Super Ticker to deploy on their preferred cloud provider or their own private cloud. Siloed Content Groups allow Super Ticker Cloud instances to be time-shared between multiple departments or entities while restricting content access. Customers can also leverage automated data replication to create hybrid workflows between on-premises Super Ticker deployments and Super Ticker Cloud.

“As broadcasters accelerate their acceptance and adoption of the cloud, we continue to be at the forefront of addressing their deployment preferences and operational needs,” said Georg Hentsch, president, Bannister Lake. “Super Ticker was designed from the ground up to be flexible in its implementation, whether installed locally within a facility’s master control environment or virtualized in the cloud. We’re thrilled to be helping our customers combine its benefits with the dynamics, agility and scalability of the AWS cloud.”

Super Ticker Cloud is available now as a monthly or yearly subscription, while Super Ticker continues to be available for on-premises installations. Super Ticker is deployed by numerous leading media organizations ranging from national broadcasters to specialty cable channels and high-profile event producers.