Bannister Lake Introduces New Content Management System for Automated Broadcast Graphics

Super Ticker Flow works with any graphics or playout device reading URLs.

CAMBRIDGE, ON, Canada, April 9, 2015 – Bannister Lake Software, whose Super Ticker system has provided data driven graphics for major broadcasters for some years, has introduced an affordable new version that can be used with a wide range of output products.

BL Super Ticker Flow includes all the data collection, management, and publishing features of Super Ticker in a version designed to provide data to any graphics output platform.

The system is a multi-channel, multi-user, content management and display control system for the broadcast industry that can support multi-station operation from a single system. Designed to run 24/7, BL Super Ticker Flow is mission-critical enterprise class software.

The new product supports a broad array of content data types and provides tools to manage and moderate automated feeds and locally entered content. Despite the lower price it still offers most of the key features, including unlimited users and an unlimited number of channels.

Data types include stories, scores, events, weather, financials, social media, closings, traffic etc.

Data types requiring local user generated input benefit from the BL’s recently announced Community system, a cloud based value add for all Super Ticker versions that supports local data collection from schools and community groups.

Broadcast Elections Ticker
Broadcast Elections Ticker
A key component of Super Ticker Flow is the Elections Module, which offers a full range of elections data collection and management features. Supporting both US style and parliamentary elections, the system is well suited to elections in most jurisdictions.

BL Super Ticker Flow is graphics system agnostic. Data is published using the company’s BLADE output system and can be accessed by most modern broadcast graphics and integrated channel playout systems as well as web sites and digital signage systems.

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