Univision Entertainment – Sabado Gigante

Customer: Univision Entertainment – Sabado Gigante
Application: Game Controllers

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Bannister Lake developed a series of Game controllers for Univision Entertainment’s popular weekend variety program, Sabato Gigante, hosted by Don Francisco.

  • Rules, User Interface (UI) and 3D graphics were developed for 5 Games, Lotto, Race Game, HotRod, Roulette and Word Game.
  • 3D graphics and media for each Game were integrated into RossVideo XPression CG graphics for broadcast playout.
  • All games and graphic output from XPression were remotely controlled by Don and guests using a touch screen interface to the game UI with stop and reset capabilities for retakes.

Lone Eagle Entertainment – Real-time Game Show Graphic Engine

Lone Eagle Entertainment – Real-time Game Show Graphic Engine for Inside the Box

Customer: Lone Eagle Entertainment
Application: Real-time Game Show Graphic Engine for production of ‘Inside the Box’
Platform: Inscriber GScribe with RTX Ports

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Lone Eagle Entertainment required an automated broadcast display solution for their Contestant and Operator applications to output real-time graphics for production of their hit game show, Inside the Box.

  • The Operator Application uses a Case file to display a series of questions on the Contestants’ Touchscreens.
  • Operator starts the game round with a 2 minute countdown clock and verifies the Contestants’ response to each question.
  • The graphic engine interprets each Operator command to output Clues, Hints, Scores and animations in real-time.
  • Having access to the GScribe character generator allowed production staff to make quick modifications to the graphic elements
    during production.
  • Generating graphics during the show production reduced the costs of inserting graphics in post production.