Spring News TV Goes Live with Super Ticker

Spring News TV, a news organization based in Bangkok, Thailand, went live with Super Ticker. The solution was sold by our OEM partner Ross Video. They sell Super Ticker under the name Tick-it but  it retains all of Super Ticker’s features and tight integration with Ross’ XPression platform.

For more samples or to watch their live feed simply click on the link to their website: 


Super Ticker Elections Support and Beyond

Super Ticker’s Election support is standard as is everything in Super Ticker. It has been designed with a flexible data model so it can cover any type of election. The standard building blocks are contest and choices. But on top of that, there are all the standard data types to define candidates, offices, areas, questions, polls, surveys and multiple, simultaneous election events. Election events can even cover historical data where we can have both the upcoming election event plus the event from 4, 8 and 12 years ago.

While Super Ticker’s Election support was modeled with standard political elections in mind, it can be used for a lot more. It’s the ideal place to store polls, surveys, industry board elections and more.

For example, users can use 3rd party tools like Survey Monkey to create a web and phone-based poll or survey and have the results show up in Super Ticker for use by Super Ticker standard players or through BLADE for use by any CG or Web platform.

Super Ticker Elections does elections. But it can do a lot more
Super Ticker Elections does elections. But it can do a lot more

Decision Canada broadcast of the 2015 Canadian Federal Election powered by Bannister Lake BL Elector

Global News operated BL Elector out of 4 hubs at their Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto production centers supporting 80 concurrent users and 20 XPression Players for their coast-to-coast coverage of the Canadian Federal Election. Elector was also used to populate their website, virtual & augmented reality and CGs (using BLADE), all driven by one server and a replicated backup.

Brando Adds Support for Named Snipes

Brando now supports Named Snipes. Named Snipes is the latest feature in Brando that makes tight integration with broadcast automation and traffic systems painless. Define the named snipe in our web interface Flow using a house id, trigger it from automation and presto, snipes that have been scheduled by Traffic. Named Snipes even work for live broadcasts where they can be triggered manually by a TD.

BroadStream Solutions set to Integrate BL’S Super Ticker Flow

Atlanta, GA, USA – 13 September 2015 –Leading automated playout specialist, BroadStream Solutions and top content management solutions provider, Bannister Lake, have entered into a preliminary agreement to integrate Bannister Lake’s Super Ticker Flow into BroadStream’s OASYS Integrated Playout Platform

“Combining this technology will mean that BroadStream’s customers will be able to increase the number and types of data feeds they use for on-


screen display with the OASYS Extended Graphics Engine,” explains Ben Wolk, President of Sales & Business Development at BroadStream. “This includes social media moderation, election results, sponsored activity and tailored presentations of national, regional and local information such as school closings – all the things that engage today’s discerning TV audiences and encourage viewer loyalty.”

Super Ticker Flow (STF) is a scalable content management solution that aggregates a vast array of information and data in a centralized database for graphic displays. Data sets include news tickers, alerts, headlines, stories, events, weather updates, financials, social media, local school closings, sports scores and updates, traffic, ski reports, lotteries, election returns, sponsored elements, and other in-the-moment information. The various data sets will be utilized by BroadStream’s OASYS Graphics Extension and Publisher software modules to deliver enhanced information capabilities to BroadStream’s customers using OASYS’ state-of-the-art on-screen graphics capabilities.

“We’re excited to work with an innovative and forward looking company like BroadStream,” said D’Arcy Pickering, Bannister Lake vice president of worldwide sales. “With a proven track record and exciting new products, BroadStream is a perfect partner for Bannister Lake. The products fit together exceptionally well, enabling a user to have a complete, integrated playout syst, including dynamic data management and display.”

BroadStream’s OASYS software platform is designed to provide efficient, high quality, end-to-end SDI, IP or hybrid SDI/IP playout solutions that are easy-to-use, scalable, flexible and reliable. Based on a unique and innovative software architecture, the OASYS playout solution provides broadcasters with the ability to create a completely customized solution using optional software modules for single channel or multi-channel operations. OASYS also interfaces to third party systems such as channel management, traffic and scheduling to enable further customization for your specific situation.

To find out more, please visit BroadStream at IBC 2013: Hall 8, Stand B29 or www.broadstream.com.