Bannister Lake Partners with BEAC (Broadcast Educators Association of Canada)

We are proud to have sponsored and participated in the annual conference hosted by BEAC, the Broadcast Educators Association of Canada. BEAC is a national organization dedicated to promoting excellence in broadcast and media education, and last week’s conference in Halifax brought together broadcast curriculum instructors from colleges and universities all across Canada to explore new ideas, share resources, and connect with industry vendors to learn about new technologies. We enjoyed showcasing Super Ticker alongside Ross Xpression, and engaging in insightful discussions with participants about the state of broadcast education and the industry. Thank you to everyone who met with us there, and to BEAC for hosting a great event!

Bannister Lake at NAB Show 2016

Come visit Bannister Lake at any of our partner booths this NAB Show 2016 in Las Vegas, April 18-21.

You can find on display Super Ticker and Brando solutions or talk to any one of our representatives that will be on the show floor about any of our solutions. From score bug solutions to elections support, we can help you manage and centralize your data needs

The best way to arrange a meetup is to email sales@localhost or contact D’arcy Pickering directly at: +1-519-624-9231

You can find Banister Lake workflow solutions at any of following:


Booth #N3705


Booth #N2502


Booth #N6315


Booth #N4919

TVSN and Bannister Lake Making Australia’s Shopping Channel Even Better

While oceans apart and on opposite time zones the Bannister Lake and TVSN relationship continues to flourish. In 2016 a number of new projects will roll out on TVSN, beginning with a new look. On-air date is still to be determined but viewers will soon be enjoying a newly refreshed graphic look supporting new sales features for cross promotion.

Behind the scenes, Bannister Lake is involved in an overnight automation project with TVSN. During the overnight or off-hours the channel runs repeats of shows recorded during the day. The new software will update the on-air displays during these reruns for accurate inventory levels and available sizes in real-time.

Finally, in the near future Bannister Lake will help TVSN replace their current still store system. This new still store will allow them to browse their inventory of show assets as well as build sequences, capture new assets and create effects for playout.

The BL Still Store runs on the XPression graphic platform
TVSN is Australia’s only TV shopping network. They also broadcast to New Zealand. TVSN can be found on Foxtel Channel 176, Freeview Channel 14 (Metro) or Freeview Channel 54 (Regional).

Super Ticker fulfills Text-to-Speech mandate with Cobalt Digital + TTS

Super Ticker is now fully compatible with Cobalt Digital’s +TTS complete 21CVAA text-to-speech generation / audio insertion solution for closings and alerts. +TTS receives a CSV file generated by Super Ticker BLADE Runner via a watch folder, converts it, and inserts realistic human-voice audio into user-configured audio channels (typically an SAP channel pair intended for this playout).

Program audio is ducked and alert tones are played on the main program channel to alert the visually impaired that emergency content is to occur on the SAP channel. Alerts can be played a configurable number of times, and messages can be prioritized based on the organization’s discretion. Super Ticker also supports Alerts, Elections, Events, Facebook, Financials, Promos, Scores, Ski Reports, Stories, Traffic, Twitter and Weather.  

For more information on the Super Ticker and Cobalt +TTS solution contact us at sales@localhost

Super Ticker Adds Support for Agence France-Presse (AFP) Datafeed

As Super Ticker’s customer base goes world-wide, Bannister Lake is pleased to announce support for the Agence France-Presse (AFP) newsfeed. The AFP support in Super Ticker is a free addition for all AFP customers. BL provides a flexible parser to read news and sports from this elite news service.

Agence France-Presse (AFP) is an international news agency headquartered in Paris. Founded in 1944, it is the third largest in the world after Associated Press and Reuters.

Bannister Lake and Ross Video Team Up to Provide the Ultimate Elections Solution

Through Bannister Lake’s close relationship with Ross Video and their OEMing of Super Ticker skinned as Tick-it, the two companies have joined forces to create an excellent elections solution. The focus at the moment is the 2016 US Elections, Primaries and Caucuses but the solution is world-ready for any election thrown at it.

Elections come fully supported in Super Ticker and Tick-it. There are no options required. And it can be bundled with our tightly-coupled XPression Editions or CG-agnostic with our inexpensive Flow editions that provide data through BLADE, BL’s RESTful API. The solution also comes included with a parser to read the most up-to-date AP elections feed.

Please contact BL or Ross Video for a demo.

The Ross elections launch page is available here.

TSN’s Big Coverage of UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues

It’s a big week for UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues this week where TSN uses the strength of their 5 channels to cover a different game on each: 24 games covered over 3 days. BL Score Bug is the tool of choice to make it all happen. From the operational side, it’s possible to have one score bug operator control multiple games simultaneously using BL Score Bug’s client/server architecture.

Tune into TSN to watch all the action.

TVA Sports Launches New Ticker Driven by Tick-it

Congratulations to TVA Sports in the launch of their new ticker using Tick-it, Ross Video’s OEM version of Super Ticker.

TVA Sports is one of the major French-language sports channels in Canada and is the official French-language broadcaster of the National Hockey League in Canada. They also cover the Montreal Impact, Canadian Hockey League, Toronto Blue Jays baseball, the NBA, UEFA Champions League, and UFC mixed martial arts.

Sports Ticker

Super Ticker Now Supports Associated Press’ Elections API 2.0

Super Ticker now supports the most up-to-date Associated Press’ Elections API 2.0. With AP‘s migration from FTP to a modern datafeed, BL is actively involved in using the most up-to-date AP protocols which began with the initial testing of AP’s new api earlier in 2015 and we have been active in testing all versions since.

AP’s Elections API 2.0 supports all of the same data that has been made available for many years over FTP but provides a much more efficient and robust mechanism for retrieving data. By default, this means Super Ticker will have the most up-to-date data available to our customers.

Super Ticker’s elections support makes it easy to integrate any type of election. Through a flexible and extensive database schema, it is world-ready. Super Ticker allows unlimited election events simultaneously which means that elections data can be active for the current election event and all it’s previous events. This allows comparing results with past years. Also, Super Ticker supports unlimited datafeed parsers simultaneously. Those parsers can be written by users since Super Ticker is an open protocol.