Zeus wide

Like in Greek Mythology, Zeus is the God of thunder and Bannister Lake's digital Media-Store is just that.

Zeus provides needed functionality coupled with ease of use, all built on a modern day broadcast graphic CG.

Build playlists consisting of images and/or clips all from a centralized database. Use the desktop interface or access your Zeus content remotely through nearly any browser. The remote interface allows multiple producers to be building and preparing their shows simultaneously without affecting on-air production


An intuitive UI lets users import folders and simply click and drag your assets, either images or clips into the appropriate output framebuffer.

Zeus knows that your time and costs are important so efficiency was part of its creation. If your Media-Store is in use, on-air, how can your other producers maximize their time preparing for their programs? Simply put, Zeus allows multiple users to build there shows/sequences in an offline manner through almost any modern day browser.

The remote interface looks and works nearly identically to the desktop application. Producers don't have to learn yet another interface to efficiently build their shows. Costs are minimized as single Zeus system can support many concurrent users.

Lightening Bolts to Consider

  • 1 & 2 channel systems available
  • Output support for: SDI (HD/SD) and NDI
  • Playback support for stills/images and clips/video
  • Remote sequence builder interface - browser based
  • Live input framegrab support
  • Metadata, keyword & content search support