US Senate Republican Policy Committee – In-House Channel

The Senate Republican Policy Committee broadcasts an in-house channel of the floor proceedings and needed a reliable solution to include upcoming vote information, bills in discussion, and general information on proceedings and schedules.

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BL Super Ticker (ST) provided the foundation for the solution; a simple and intuitive interface which is accessed through a browser rather than a dedicated application. This allows multiple users to access the system from any workstation on the network. Content is entered either directly into the ST interface or automatically through BL TweetOut, a Twitter filter following the Senator’s tweets.

Problem: Previous system used basic text files to store content making formatting and spacing unpredictable. Trial and error was required to get content displayed correctly i.e. word wrap issues, text cut off and spell checking are some examples.

Solution: ST interface provides simple forms for text to be entered thus clearly separating titles from text and automatically formatting text properties like word wrap and next page. Content can be reviewed and edited at any time. A preview of the content as formatted is shown.

Problem: Generate additional content of specific interest or relevance to the Senators.

Solution: BL TweetOut provided a simple way to filter and follow Senators tweets while still controlling the content through moderation and the automatic removal of retweets or links.