TPNEvents – Automated High Definition display solution for Visitor Center.

Customer: TPNEvents, Seattle
Application: Automated High Definition display solution for Boeing 787 Visitor Center.
Solution: Inscriber Infocaster, RFID reader, MySQL Database, ASP.NET and INCA RTX port.
Platform: Inscriber Infocaster with INCA RTX port option.

TPN Events required an automated display solution for the Boeing 787 Visitor Center in Seattle. The high definition Infocaster display solution is automatically triggered by an RFID card reader connected to a MySQL database and INCA RTX port. BLSoft RFID Data Control application allows secure entry and management of new visitors, companies and video clips.

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• RFID card generates data string for the RFID Parser/Converter application.
• RFID Parser/ Converter initiates look up “Name, Title, Company, Video” on MySQL database.
• INCA RTX Port application running on Infocaster generates CG overlay for background video clip.
• Infocaster Creator/Player outputs DVI to Christie S12 projector.