Bell Media TSN

Customer: Bell Media TSN

Application: Chameleon (Brando Legacy)

Platform: RossVideo XPression

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TSN is the leader in sports broadcasting in Canada. On their expansion from one channel to 5, they needed a branding solution to promote the programming of their new 5 channel universe. For example, during a big event like Wimbledon, they might be showing 5 different matches spread among TSN1-5. These promotions included next boards, snipes and navigational tickers.

An added wrinkle is that the branding was mostly during live events. This required a manual triggering method allowing a TD to insert snipes whenever they could fit.

Promotion of big events were also inserted throughout the day with a clear representation of what channels the event will be playing on. In all cases, the promos focused on all 5 channels and included 100s of logos for all the teams and leagues that TSN covered.

Although these requirements didn’t fit a typical branding requirement, Brando came through off-the-shelf.

Brando was the branding ancestor of our merged branding/ticker/content management product Chameleon. We kept everything which made Brando great while modernizing it for today’s broadcasting, streaming and digital signage markets.


YAHOO! Sports Fantasy Football

YAHOO! Sports broadcasts a weekly Fantasy Football show reviewing all aspects of the NFL current season.

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The show is an interactive show which lets viewers call in, web conference or tweet their comments and opinions on their favorite players and teams. As an interactive show YAHOO needed a solution that could deliver player and team statistics quickly and easily with the most up to date statistics in a reliable fashion.

A customized solution was developed to meet the requirements of Yahoo. The solution incorporated the reading of 3 different data feeds to compile the most up to date statistics possible. Data feeds automatically provide the current injury reports, player and team statistics. Using a client-server workflow the custom graphic application can be run from a laptop on the network to drive the Xpression graphic system. This workflow allows a second operator to use Xpression at the same time for any additional needs such as lower thirds.

Problem: With so much data available the operator is overwhelmed trying to retrieve it fast enough to keep up with a live program.

Solution: By building a custom software application Bannister was able to present all the NFL data in an organized fashion in a single screen. From here the operator can quickly select a player or team and display any or all of the statistics available within seconds.

Problem: Viewers that call into the show are pre-screened so it is known what topics they wish to discuss just before they are on air. During this very short period of time the operator needs to prepare as many statistics as possible which could come out of the callers dialog.

Solution: The application allows the operator to start typing, “man” for example, and it automatically filters the names. Using a ‘;’ separator the operator can quickly type multiple names resulting in a much more condense list of NFL players for that call.

Rogers Sportsnet – Inscriber G3 HD/SD with SMS, Voting and PUPman.

Customer: Rogers Sportsnet
Application: Bannister Lake display engine with SMS and PupMan (Pop Up promotions)
Solution: Gscribe with RTX ports, Bannister Lake display engine with MyThum SMS system.
Platform: Dual Channel HD/SD Inscriber G3 system.

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Rogers Sportsnet required a dual-channel CG for their master control to display trouble slides, insert programming changes and manage the display of SMS and Voting messages for their prime time interactive sports programs.

  • MyThum solution aggregates SMS and Voting messages from viewers, then forwards them to SMS/POP server.
  • Bannister Lake SMS/Chicker interface manages and moderates display of incoming MyThum SMS and voting messages sent from POP (email) server.
  • SMS/Chicker application inserts current scores, SMS sponsor logos and taglines.
  • BLSoft PUPman application allows TD’s to manually enter and display messages for program changes and special announcements.
  • GScribe Character Generator is used for trouble slides and custom boards.
  • Using independent output layers, the Gscribe CG, SMS and PUPman applications output concurrently to both channels.
  • System supports HD and SD output.

Rochester Institute of Technology – BLScoreBug Remote Control

Customer: Rochester Institute of Technology
Application: BLScoreBug Hockey with BLScoreBug Remote Control
Platform: Harris GScribe G3 with RTXPorts

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Rochester Institute of Technology required a Hockey ScoreBug solution with Remote Control that would operate concurrently with their Harris GScribe character generator system.

  • The main Hockey Scorebug Server application resides on the GScribe CG (character generator) system with RTXPorts.
  • ScoreBug operator controls the ScoreBug output using the BLScoreBug Remote Control over a standard TCP/IP network.
  • ScoreBoard controller data input for Autopilot is connected via RS232 to the Remote Control PC.
  • Unlike a dedicated standalone ScoreBug that requires additional hardware, the BLScoreBug Remote Control allows the CG and Hockey ScoreBug to output concurrently on a single or dual-channel GScribe system.

Red Bull/ Alpha Sports/ TSN – Red Bull Crashed Ice 2009

Customer: Red Bull/ Alpha Sports/ TSN
Application: Race Results Display Solution
Platform: Inscriber/Harris RTX G3 HD platform

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Red Bull and Alpha Sports required a real-time HD display solution to overlay race results for the Red Bull Crashed Ice 2009 Telecast on TSN.

  • Solution interprets race data to output track positions during race and finish times as they occur.
  • System preserves all racer progress to track racers through heats and provide on the fly heat/bracket displays.
  • Application instantly outputs racer name, origin, country flag as lower thirds and optional headshot graphics for camera pans during race starts.
  • Radar gun captures racer current speed direct to air.
  • System also provides the ability to export race data for connectivity with other broadcast display systems. (Inscriber, Chyron, Pinnacle or Vizrt)
  • Complete solution is ready for broadcast in less than 5 minutes.

Miami Heat – BLScoreBug Basketball

Miami Heat – BLScoreBug Basketball

Customer: Miami Heat
Application: BLScoreBug Basketball with Autopilot
Platform: Harris ChannelOne with RTXPorts

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Miami Heat required an automated Basketball ScoreBug for their in-house broadcast system that would integrate with Daktronics Scoreboard controller and output score results in real time to their Harris Channel One system.

  • Daktronics ScoreBoard controller data feed connects to Harris Channel One system with BLScoreBug Basketball and Autopilot.
  • BLScoreBug renders the ScoreBug layout in real time to the graphic ‘scorebug’ region in the Channel One layout.
  • ScoreBug can be switched to manual control.

HSBC A5N – BL ScoreBug Lite

Alpha Sports required a compact and portable HD/SD Rugby ScoreBug solution for their coverage of the 2011 Asian 5 Nation Rugby tournament. Bannister Lake delivered Rugby Scorebug running on RossVideo Xpression Studio offline to manage and display all in-show graphics for the HSBC A5N tournament.

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  • RossVideo Xpression Studio and Rugby ScoreBug run on standard laptop with dedicated Nvidia graphics card.
  • DVI-D and analog audio from laptop connects to Matrox Convert DVI.
  • Matrox Convert DVI outputs HDSDI, HD to SD down convert or SDI with embedded audio to switcher.
  • No additional CG is required. Rugby Scorebug also provides boards for Lineups/Reserves, Rosters, Standings, Name Keys, Intro/Weights and Substitutions.

Eastlink Television – BLScoreBug with Remote Control

Eastlink Television – BLScoreBug with Remote Control

Customer: Eastlink Television
Application: Bannister Lake BLScoreBug with Remote Control
Platform: Inscriber/Harris GScribe G3 with RTXPorts

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Eastlink Television required a ScoreBug solution that operated concurrently with their Inscriber GScribe system.

  • BLScoreBug Remote Control ‘Client’ connects to BLScoreBug ‘Server’ on GScribe system via TCP/IP.
  • BLScoreBug Remote Control enables full remote control of BLScoreBug on the G7, G3 and G1
  • GScribe Platform, allowing BLScoreBug and GScribe to output concurrently in SD and HDTV on Single or Dual channel systems.
  • BLScoreBug Remote Control supports GScribe Version 3X, 5X and 6X systems with the RTXPorts option