Super Ticker Now Supports Associated Press’ Elections API 2.0

Super Ticker now supports the most up-to-date Associated Press’ Elections API 2.0. With AP‘s migration from FTP to a modern datafeed, BL is actively involved in using the most up-to-date AP protocols which began with the initial testing of AP’s new api earlier in 2015 and we have been active in testing all versions since.

AP’s Elections API 2.0 supports all of the same data that has been made available for many years over FTP but provides a much more efficient and robust mechanism for retrieving data. By default, this means Super Ticker will have the most up-to-date data available to our customers.

Super Ticker’s elections support makes it easy to integrate any type of election. Through a flexible and extensive database schema, it is world-ready. Super Ticker allows unlimited election events simultaneously which means that elections data can be active for the current election event and all it’s previous events. This allows comparing results with past years. Also, Super Ticker supports unlimited datafeed parsers simultaneously. Those parsers can be written by users since Super Ticker is an open protocol.