Super Ticker fulfills Text-to-Speech mandate with Cobalt Digital + TTS

Super Ticker is now fully compatible with Cobalt Digital’s +TTS complete 21CVAA text-to-speech generation / audio insertion solution for closings and alerts. +TTS receives a CSV file generated by Super Ticker BLADE Runner via a watch folder, converts it, and inserts realistic human-voice audio into user-configured audio channels (typically an SAP channel pair intended for this playout).

Program audio is ducked and alert tones are played on the main program channel to alert the visually impaired that emergency content is to occur on the SAP channel. Alerts can be played a configurable number of times, and messages can be prioritized based on the organization’s discretion. Super Ticker also supports Alerts, Elections, Events, Facebook, Financials, Promos, Scores, Ski Reports, Stories, Traffic, Twitter and Weather.  

For more information on the Super Ticker and Cobalt +TTS solution contact us at sales@localhost