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Will Henderson

Query with Will Henderson

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Every couple weeks, we ask one of our staff members 10 questions. This week we chat with Will Henderson, our newest member and developer here at Bannister Lake. 

  1. Welcome to the show! How does it feel to be Bannister Lake’s newest member?

It feels exciting and a bit scary but maybe those are really the same thing.

  1. This must be an exciting time for you? What are your goals? What do you hope to accomplish at the company?

I hope to make a bunch of new mistakes, learn a lot more and then help to build something that people will love.

  1. What’s your background? How did you get interested in the field?

I think it all started when my sister and I were given our oldest sister’s hand-me-down Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then I’ve had a fascination with being able to press a button in the real world and have something happen virtually in this magic box. In Grade 10 I noticed a new available course called Introduction to Computer Science. I didn’t know what it meant, but just took it anyway to fill up my course load. Funnily enough, game development, and later software development in general then became one of my favourite pastimes.

  1. Any mentors? New or old or even mentors who have nothing to do with programming?

Not programming related but there are a few people I look up to as role models on YouTube for music theory – Jacob Collier, Andrew Huang, Rick Beato, and Sam Robson. I highly recommend watching any interviews with Jacob Collier. His perspective on creating music, which can be generalized to creating anything, is really eye-opening.


  1. Favorite things to do creatively in order to get you in the mindset to think outside the box?

Strangely, (and I never realized this until I started typing it here) instead of thinking about how something can be improved, I often start by thinking: “How could I make this different?” then think about whether the different way to accomplish that thing is actually better. If it isn’t, I can still try making the new starting point and try to make steps forward from there.

  1. You are young, what new ideas will you bring to the software industry?

I’m not sure yet to be honest! I think that’s something I’ll just realize when upon reflection, rather than something I’d plan for.

  1. What are some trends you’ve noticed within the industry that you’d like to talk about?

There seems to be a heavy focus on Artificial Intelligence recently in software. That is, software that is able to learn. It’s really interesting, because you can program a program to program itself in such a way that you couldn’t have easily done yourself. It’s not just the obvious applications either, like self-driving cars, and voice recognition software. It also can be used to help diagnose illnesses, or predict stock prices more accurately than a person could. I feel as though it might be a lot more prevalent already than most people realize, even though we see it as something out of the future. I also think that artificial intelligence advancements and applications are probably going to bring about some of the biggest changes in history. The interesting thing is I don’t think it’s necessarily going to be even in ways that you could easily conceive – like a world where no one drives cars, or a robot apocalypse. Once you get to the level of Artificial Intelligence being able to program its own algorithm that programs the algorithm that programs it… I think the outcomes of that become pretty confusing.

  1. What are 3 things you absolutely can’t live without? 
  1. One Piece (Anime/Manga Series)
  2. Jacob Collier
  3. Jacob Collier



9. One word that describes you right now, presently?


  1. One word that describes your future?


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