Polls Support in Chameleon

Chameleon now offers an easy way to add polls support in Chameleon. In Chameleon’s web interface Flow, polls are a new data type:

To create a poll, it’s as simple as entering a question:

And choices:

There are options to set a start and stop time for when a poll is active, but after the poll is defined, it’s just a matter of publishing the poll and it’s ready for primetime.

Each poll has a unique id which is reflected in the url for the poll:


Once the poll is published, it’s just a matter of using the poll on a website. For example, it can be included on a web page using an iframe or embed html tag. A poll can be reused by republishing while keeping the url intact.

You can even have a QR code take you to the poll:

Polls in Chameleon have full support from players and Chameleon’s restful api BLADE. Additional formatting of polls can be done by inserting html tags into poll questions and choices. And there is support for including images for questions and choices.

The implementation allows for any instance of Chameleon either on the cloud or internally to use polls. On the web-side we use the React library providing responsiveness for all platforms including phones, tablets, PCs and more. On the cloud side, our implementation is AWS’ Elastic Beanstalk and the DynamoDB providing a platform for high capacity access.

Polls come standard with all instances of Chameleon. It’s another exciting piece of the Chameleon ecosystem.