Niles Media Expands Use of BL Score Bugs

After more than 18 months of success running Football and Basketball Score Bugs from BL in their trucks, Niles adds Baseball and Soccer.

Niles Media invested in BL Score Bug systems for their trucks in the summer of 2013 and has had great success with them. Adding BL’s smart technologies into their workflow helped reduce labor costs and improve operational efficiency.

This Spring Niles added a Site License for BL Soccer Score Bugs, allowing them to be used in all their trucks. Like their existing systems, the new one is an advanced Score Bug supporting a full production graphics package in addition to the score and clock displays. It also benefits from the Stat Crew data support, added to BL Score Bugs last year, which is ideal for covering college sports.

Basketball Score Bug
Basketball Score Bug
Now that Baseball is in full swing Niles has added a Baseball site license too. The number of baseball games they are covering has increased greatly, putting pressure to automate as many areas of the production as possible. Direct interfaces with popular radar guns like Pitch f/x, Jugs and Stalker provide yet another efficiency improvement for their coverage.

Tying directly into the truck’s Ross XPression graphics systems, the Bannister Lake systems allow operators to click a button to present the layout (from lower-thirds to full-screen messages). Updated game data as well as logos and other branding elements automatically populate within the graphic. This is helpful for sponsored elements of a broadcast, such as “player of the game” segments, which are especially important for professional events.

Network based control allows the Score Bug to be driven from in the truck or remotely from a laptop near the action.

Sport specific optimized user interfaces make it easy to keep up with fast moving game action and integration with X-Keys programmable panels allows expanded button per function results.

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