Multiple New Data Readers Further Enhance Super Ticker

New releases further broaden reach of one of BL’s key products

Recent additions to the Super Ticker range of data parsers include two specific ones for Flight Information and calendars and a new general purpose Super Reader. As with all new parsers introduced by BL, the new data readers are available at no charge on new systems and to all Super Ticker users with support agreements.

Super Ticker can now support automated collection of flight information, including delays and cancellations from FlightStats by taking a data feed from FlightStats. More information about FlightStats is available at


Bringing in automated event data is now easier than ever with Super Ticker’s new support for the iCalendar/RFC 5545 calendar standard. This provides a standardized way of reading calendar information into Super Ticker’s event data type. The new capability could be used to bring in events automatically from a Google Calendar.

The latest addition is BL’s new Super Reader. This is a general purpose data parser for Super Ticker that can be used to simplify bringing in a vast variety of different data types . It supports freeform xml and json feeds stored on file, ftp and http. It supports stories including dynamic fields, making it incredibly versatile.

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