BL Elector is a robust election content displaying solution, coupled with a web-based content management interface, that enables you to broadcast election results and information effortlessly and with a high level of automation.

The following diagram provides you with an overview of the solution.

Elector can seamlessly mix automated data from any source, such as Canada Newswire, Reuters, or AP News, with manually entered content to provide a rich election experience for your viewers. By combining an automated data feed with content entered by your operators, you can ensure your content is error-free while still having control to highlight the races that are relevant to your viewership.

Combine intelligent broadcast controls with the web-based BL Flow content management interface, and you have a powerful election solution that will get viewers tuning in to your broadcast. Re-purpose your content in Flow by accessing it either directly from the database or in an XML or JSON format, which is ideal for use on your website or mobile devices.

Elector is customizable to suit your election display requirements. Broadcast regional or national elections, in SD, HD, or both. Broadcast in real-time mode or time-delayed. Broadcast in one or multiple languages simultaneously. Control the system with a single operator or parcel tasks across several operators.

Elector supports multiple display zones to support sponsors, news tickers, party and non-party based riding results, as well as on-the-fly DVE control. You can also reset the system after running simulations to ensure and be confident that you will have a flawless broadcast on election day.

Riding Management

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Select Election Date, Add/modify Ridings for Election. Generate Extra Riding Names, Generate previous Riding Names and Connections.