Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Fully Integrated, Data Powered Solutions on Any Platform

Exceptional database, API and web/app development expertise make Bannister Lake a natural choice to create custom data and graphic solutions. With tight integration to existing systems and workflows, Bannister Lake creates bespoke solutions that make productions flow more efficiently, engage audiences and generate revenue. 

Bannister Lake has designed, built and implemented a wide variety of innovative software products. Some examples include:


Zeus is Bannister Lake’s digital media storage and playout solution that can be accessed via any web browser. When a broadcast client required a searchable image and clip playout solution that could be put to air quickly, Bannister Lake developed an innovative solution that fit in perfectly with an established workflow. Zeus is an ideal solution for home shopping channels, entertainment programs, news and sports productions and any production situation where the high volume, quick turnaround and unpredictability of clip and image requirements must be carefully managed. It’s unique hub and spoke structure allows multiple production personnel to add assets and create playlists offline creating more efficient production workflows.

Financial App

Bannister Lake has a great deal of experience working with real-time financial data and are often tasked with creating custom financial data management solutions. The Bannister Lake Financial App allows producers to call up stock quotes, charts, commodities and other market data instantly. Production staff can quickly create playlists of financial graphics and take them to air as a sequence or as individual graphics depending on editorial requirements. The solution can be customized to match the control room workflow and be specially built for the data feeds being ingested.

Web Widgets

As broadcasters and event producers create more interactive content for web sites, social media and mobile devices, the need to integrate real-time data into HTML5 solutions is becoming more critical. Bannister Lake builds sophisticated web widgets that marry outstanding graphics with multiple real-time data sources to create touch enabled solutions. Audiences can explore the content and navigate to specific information that is editorially relevant. Web widgets are also used on-set on touchscreens to allow broadcasters to use images, maps, charts and data to explain, analyze and contextualize news content.