COVID-19 Data and
Web Widget

As a free public service Bannister Lake is distributing COVID-19 data and a related world map web widget free of charge.

Using Bannister Lake’s Community data aggregation service, users will have access to an aggregated feed of multiple credible public sources including the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins. Media organizations can choose to use this COVID-19 data compilation to integrate with their broadcast and web presentations of the COVID-19 situation. Bannister Lake’s Chameleon product is used to manage and integrate local, national and international news, closings, alerts, financial data and other topical content to create a complete view of the COVID-19 situation.

Content can then be outputted as tickers, L-Bars, data-populated graphics or fully automated information channels.

Chameleon’s RESTful API can be used to strategically distribute data to different broadcast engines, digital signage systems or as HTML5 for online and mobile distribution.

To access this data please contact