Cheddar TV

Cheddar TV required a comprehensive Financial Dashboard application to manage and generate all on air graphics for their daily broadcast from the New York Stock Exchange.

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  • Dashboard application automatically connects to Xignite Financial data feed.
  • UI provides stock ticker preview and modules to create Bugs, Stock Charts, Bumpers, Name Keys, Lower Thirds and Banners.
  • Quick filters to setup stock chart comparisons, desktop preview of charts then quick add to playlist;
  • Click drag and drop to change items in playlists.
  • Drop Down range menu to select time including, Intraday padded, Intraday, 2 day padded, 5 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month, Year to Date padded, 1 > 5 year and user (Custom) ranges.
  • Application supports overnight (after market) generation of content.