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News Solutions

In the fast-paced world of news production, delivering comprehensive information to viewers while minimizing costs in equipment and manpower is a top priority. Chameleon understands this demand and offers an innovative news solution that meets these challenges head-on.

Our news solution not only minimizes additional costs but also presents enticing opportunities to boost ad revenue. With timed sponsors, content-associated sponsors, and triggers based on time of day or house ID, Chameleon provides specific, targeted revenue streams tailored to client requirements. Moreover, it generates comprehensive as-run logs that track advertising usage, providing valuable insights for clients.

The combination of Bannister Lake software with Ross Xpression has given us the ease of use, reliability and flexibility we need as we expand our brand, programming and reach. That ease and speed are critical, since financial data is time-sensitive. So many graphics solutions are inflexible, expensive, and confusing or complicated to work with.”

– Peter Gorenstein, Chief Content Officer at Cheddar.

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Chameleon comes equipped with a wide array of data source plugins at no additional cost. These include reputable sources such as WSI, Weather Underground, Stats Inc., Associated Press, Barchart, Dhaka Stock Exchange, Inovestor, Flight Stats, Canadian Press, Sports Direct, Mass Relevance, and more. As a bonus, additional free plugins like Calendar (ical) and Google Sheets are also available. Custom readers can be created at an additional cost, ensuring flexibility for unique data requirements.

Chameleon goes beyond graphics and data integration; it also seamlessly integrates with Media Asset Management systems like Ross Streamline. This integration streamlines the addition of media content into your network branding, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

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Stream Everywhere

Seamlessly connect your content and data to any existing graphic device, including popular solutions like Ross, Chyron, Imagine, or Viz, with Chameleon’s comprehensive integration capabilities. Alternatively, leverage Chameleon’s own graphic engine, powered by HTML5. This cost-effective option enables the delivery of your content on virtually any platform, from YouTube news channels and small news blogs to closed network big box stores. With Chameleon, your content reaches wider audiences effortlessly.

Elevate your news production capabilities with Chameleon and experience the power of cost-effective solutions that enable you to deliver comprehensive information to viewers while maximizing revenue opportunities.