Broadcast Branding

Whether it’s revenue or promotions, marketing or sales, Chameleon has the back bone to generate and track all you branding needs. 

Chameleon has a large array of features to Brand you network; featuring Bugs, Countdown Clocks, Bumpers, Alerts, Snipes and Promos. Chameleon offers an all-in-one solution for Branding and Scheduling your programs. 


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The power of Chameleon Branding Solution is in the detail associated with the content. 


Chameleon Branding UI 2

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Automate and Integrate

You can import your automation scheduler into Chameleon, and allow users to associate additional data to your programming lineup such as Special Titles, Hashtags and Artwork. 

Using BLADE – our custom Restful API for Chameleon – you can populate your current branding graphic systems using a real-time XML/JSON feed with all that Branding Data. 

Tight integration with Ross Xpression allows for a fully automated solution, complete with triggering and multi-layer support. 

Working seamlessly with the data portion of Chameleon, systems are ready to be integrated in your broadcast environment. Combining content data along with promotion and branding delivered in sync on all your platforms