Your Ultimate Branding and Scheduling Solution

Broadcast Branding

Chameleon is your go-to platform for all your branding needs, whether it’s generating revenue, promoting your products, or managing your marketing and sales efforts. With a robust backbone, Chameleon empowers you to efficiently generate and track your branding initiatives.

Unlock a world of branding possibilities with Chameleon’s extensive feature set. From Bugs, Countdown Clocks, Bumpers, Alerts, Snipes to Promos, Chameleon offers a comprehensive suite of tools to brand your network. Experience the convenience of an all-in-one solution for branding and scheduling your programs.

Seamlessly import your automation scheduler into Chameleon, enabling users to associate additional data with your programming lineup, such as Special Titles, Hashtags, and Artwork. This integration enhances your content and maximizes its impact.


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The power of Chameleon Branding Solution is in the detail associated with the content. 


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Automate and Integrate

Leverage the power of BLADE, our custom Restful API designed exclusively for Chameleon. BLADE allows you to populate your current branding graphic systems using a real-time XML/JSON feed, ensuring that all your branding data is up to date and synchronized.

Chameleon’s tight integration with Ross Xpression provides a fully automated solution with advanced features like triggering and multi-layer support. Enjoy a streamlined workflow and flawless execution of your branding strategies.

Experience seamless integration with your broadcast environment, as Chameleon works harmoniously with the data portion of the platform. Combining content data, promotions, and branding, Chameleon ensures that your message resonates across all platforms, creating a unified and impactful viewer experience.

Elevate your branding and scheduling capabilities with Chameleon and witness the transformation of your broadcasts into captivating and cohesive storytelling endeavors.