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Chameleon is a complete, web-based software solution that manages and aggregates real-time and static data from virtually any source. Customized data is then available instantly to broadcast graphic engines, HTML 5 applications, NDI or web destinations.

Broadcasters use Chameleon to ingest and organize multiple data sources and display real-time data content on-air, on-set and online. Broadcasters also use the same Chameleon solution for station or network on-air branding requirements.

Event producers, digital signage operators and in-venue managers use Chameleon to manage real-time content and distribute it to networked screens, video walls and applications that fuel fan engagement.

A sample Chameleon channel. This is not a test. This is a live Chameleon channel!

Enter Chameleon.  An incredible solution adaptable to all environments.

Chameleon is a single solution for all real-time data sources; news, sports, weather, elections, financial, closings, eSports, Twitter, wagering, promos, sponsorships and more.

Users build spectacular and dynamic tickers, L-Bars, snipes, web widgets, and full frame graphics populated with up to the second data-driven content. Producers and media executives take advantage of Chameleon’s automation, query and RESTful API functionality to create more efficient workflows, produce new data-rich products and generate revenue.

Chameleon extends a production’s reach to online applications, social media platforms, digital signage networks, augmented and virtual reality solutions-anywhere where real-time data is needed to tell a compelling and accurate story.

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Chameleon customers also have access to a FREE account of Community, Bannister Lake’s public data publisher.


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Chameleon NDI
Chameleon CloudChameleon Chameleon
PricingFree with Active Chameleon LicenseContact SalesContact SalesContact SalesContact SalesContact Sales
Modules: Closings, Events, Scores, StoriesYYYYYY
Modules: Weather, Alerts, Elections, Financials, Traffic, Twitter, Media, QueryYYYY
Modules: Bugs, Snipes, Bumpers, RatingsYYY
Included Data
(RSS, iCal, Twitter, Weather)
CG (Character Generator/Sequencer) YYYY
Custom data feeds: (Sports, Finance, Weather, Lottery, Election) (Traffic and Automation systems)YYYY
Community LinkYYYY
NDI Support / Output Players YYYY
HTML 5 DesignerYYYY
SDI SupportYY
Rundown Controller / Show / SchedulerYYYY
Dynamic FieldsYYYYYY
Unlimited users / content groupsYYYYYY
LDAP/Google/Login SupportYYYYYY
Channel Support / Additional Channels
for NDI, HTML5 and XPression
1 ChannelIncl 1 CH
Add channels
Incl 1 CH
Add channels
Automation Player / SchedulerYYYUnlimited
Audit LogsYYYYYY
As Run ReportsYYYY
Text to Speech Support (with Cobalt TTS)YYYY
Own InstanceYYYY
Support 24/7 and Support ContractYFree 60 days supportYYY
Server solutionOptionalOptional