CBC Sports – BLScoreBug Hockey with NHL Scores and SuperStats

Customer: CBC Sports
Application: BLScoreBug Hockey with NHL Scores and SuperStats
Platform: Inscriber/Harris G3 HD/SD platform with RTX

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CBC Sports required a fully automated Score and Statistics display solution for their SD and HDTV NHL telecasts. BLScoreBug and NHL Scores with Super Stats provides a real time game summary and detailed game statistics for NHL telecasts.

  • BLScoreBug AutoPilot connects directly to the local arena ScoreBoard Controller, automating the on air display for the score, shots on goal penalties, period and powerplays.
  • Selecting Home team automatically sets the type of ScoreBoard Controller for BLScoreBug AutoPilot.
  • NHL Scores and Superstats, the companion application for BLScoreBug, automatically updates a local database from NHL’s FTP with Out of Town scores, game summaries and statistics from around the league.
  • Superstats provides detailed rundown of individual Player statistics including Faceoffs, Hits, Shifts and Time on Ice (TOI). Shots on Goal and penalty minutes statistics for selected Teams.
  • Promos dialog allows entry of text for Advertising, Coming Ups and Programming announcements.
  • Both BLScoreBug and NHL Scores operate concurrently, providing Hockey fans with an enhanced viewing experience.