Super Ticker Community


Super Ticker Community


Complementing Super Ticker’s proven ease and efficiency in managing automated data feeds from premium third-party sources, the cloud-based Super Ticker Community provides a publicly-accessible portal for the submission of information such as school closings, special events, local sports scores, public interest announcements and more.

Super Ticker Community

Adding Super Ticker Community gives existing Super Ticker customers a rich new source of data from a potentially vast array of public contributors.

Like the flagship Super Ticker, Community offers an array of powerful features including:

  • An intuitive, web-based interface.
  • Content Groups to partition and restrict content access.
  • The BLADE RESTful web API for custom integration.
  • Dynamic fields for complete flexibility in supporting any type of data.

A shared, multi-tenant Super Ticker Community cloud instance is available for free use by current Super Ticker customers with active maintenance agreements. It allows publicly-submitted data to be accessed via the BLADE interface. A dedicated instance can be purchased on a monthly or yearly subscription basis, providing complete user administration and Content Group management functionality. All the while enabling Community data to be synchronized directly to existing Super Ticker deployments.

Extending its value beyond the Super Ticker user base, new customers can also purchase dedicated Super Ticker Community subscriptions for standalone use.  This will allow you to retrieve data through the BLADE interface as a public information aggregation portal for websites, character generators and digital signage.

For more information on Super Ticker Community please contact us at sales@localhost

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