Bannister Lake Software Bolsters Enterprise Network Integration in Highly-Regarded Broadcast Graphics Solutions

CAMBRIDGE, ON, Canada, June 2, 2016 – Bannister Lake Software has enabled tight integration between the company’s graphics automation solutions and enterprise customers’ corporate networks, with the addition of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) support in its Brando channel branding software and Super Ticker content management and display control system. 

LDAP is a standard IT protocol for accessing and maintaining information directories. Easing user administration and bolstering network security management, Bannister Lake’s new LDAP support enables users to access Flow – the web-based interface and technology platform powering Brando and Super Ticker – using their standard corporate network credentials. Through LDAP, Flow can communicate with authentication and directory services including Active Directory, Apache, IBM Tivoli, iDirectory, OpenDS, Oracle, Red Hat, Sun and more.


Users no longer need to remember a separate login and password to use Super Ticker or Brando, while network administrators can control network and application access in a unified, centralized manner. The new capabilities bring further efficiencies to Super Ticker and Brando’s superior multi-user support, which enables a virtually unlimited number of operators to use the systems concurrently across creative, scheduling and content management workflow tasks.

“As the lines between broadcast operations and IT continue to blur, tight integration of our solutions into media organizations’ core IT infrastructures not only improves user convenience but also simplifies administration and management,” said Georg Hentsch, president, Bannister Lake. “Our new LDAP support exemplifies our ongoing commitment to streamlining operation for our users while delivering the robust network infrastructure integration that our enterprise customers require.”

LDAP support is one of multiple features that Bannister Lake is incorporating to meet the evolving needs of large-scale, enterprise customers. Enhancements to Bannister Lake’s DMan data management technology bolster system resilience through automated data replication and redundancy.

Going far beyond news ticker functionality, Super Ticker is a scalable, multi-channel, multi-user content management and display control system for the broadcast and information display industries. Designed to run 24/7, Super Ticker allows users to freely combine original content with external data feeds and is ideal for any broadcast, PEG, sports, signage, or venue application requiring automated data display and control. Brando is a data-rich, web-based software solution that simplifies how broadcasters dynamically incorporate and continuously update bugs, promos, snipes, sponsor messages, social media hashtags, and other branding elements across one or more channels. Integrating seamlessly with traffic and automation systems, Brando enhances how broadcasters create, schedule and manage their unique branding content.