Bannister Lake and Ross Video Team Up to Provide the Ultimate Elections Solution

Through Bannister Lake’s close relationship with Ross Video and their OEMing of Super Ticker skinned as Tick-it, the two companies have joined forces to create an excellent elections solution. The focus at the moment is the 2016 US Elections, Primaries and Caucuses but the solution is world-ready for any election thrown at it.

Elections come fully supported in Super Ticker and Tick-it. There are no options required. And it can be bundled with our tightly-coupled XPression Editions or CG-agnostic with our inexpensive Flow editions that provide data through BLADE, BL’s RESTful API. The solution also comes included with a parser to read the most up-to-date AP elections feed.

Please contact BL or Ross Video for a demo.

The Ross elections launch page is available here.