Digital Signage










Digital Signage

Big or small, whether it's a single billboard, or hundreds of displays world-wide, Chameleon’s Signage Solution will migrate seamlessly into any platform.

Sourced from a single server, cloud or on location, Chameleon offers a means to display any type of data for any type of market.

Think local government -  Highlighting construction zones in a municipal closed network. In education, it might be digital signage in schools to highlight after school programmes or minutes for student council meetings. It can be implemented anywhere - from  Government (MTO or DMV) to Commercial, and Health.

Malls, waiting rooms, banks,  anywhere where there is an audience that needs to connect to a particular brand.



“Chameleon isn’t a clone.  Chameleon has the option to output an unlimited amount of custom  streams using a single server.”

- Alain Savoie, Technical and Creative Director - Bannister Lake.

Harness the power that Chameleon has to offer by enabling the same functions required in a broadcast environment. Branding, Promotions and Sponsors are all available, allowing your signage to generate income.  All along, providing as-run reports to your clients.


Multi-Display options at Fraction of the cost.

Our native Chameleon HMTL5 renderer allows for output at a fraction of a cost compared to expensive hardware requirements.   You can chose to use a PC stick to a mid-range computer, and you will have a digital signage solution ready to go.