Eastlink Television/ CBC News – 2008 Nova Scotia Municipal Elections

Customer: Eastlink Television/ CBC News
Application: Bannister Lake BLElector
Platform: Inscriber/Harris GScribe G3 with RTXPorts
Project: 2008 Nova Scotia Municipal and School Board Elections

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Eastlink Television and CBC News required a central secure web-based application to manage and display results for the 2008 Nova Scotia Municipal and School Board Elections.

  •  BLElector provides Operator and Administrator forms to manage input of results and headlines.
  •  Headline Control form manages the order and schedule for messages displayed in the crawl region.
  • Both Results and Headline Control applications write to a central database connected to the GScribe system.
  • Users from 55 regions login remotely to enter results for local ridings.
  • A two channel Gscribe system and BLElector managed